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Amro ElGeziry Wins Final Olympic Qualifier

Jan. 19, 2020, 12 a.m. (ET)

San Luis Obispo, CA – Olympian and current U.S. National Champion Sergeant Amro ElGeziry won the final USA Pentathlon Olympic Qualifier being held at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Sergeant El Geziry led from the start and never looked back as the U.S. Army WCAP athlete scored 1,460 pentathlon points.

Barrett Celecki finished second with 1,437, Youth Olympian Brendan Anderson was third with 1,434 points and Sam Ruddock finished fourth with 1,416 points. To view the complete results, click here.

In the opening event, Amro won in a time of 1:57.03 worth 316 points. Barrett was right behind in 1:57.96 and 315 points. Sam was third in 1:59.01, 312 points.

The fencing event again saw Amro win with 260 points. Second was Barrett again with 242 points with Martin Gajardo and Nicolas Sallembien both scoring 236 points.

The riding event saw four athletes with a perfect 300 score: Amro El Geziry, Sam Ruddock, Tyler Evans and Nicolas Sallembien.

Tyler Evans had the fastest laser run in a time of 11:16 with Seamus Millett in 11:36 and Brendan Anderson right behind in 11:37.

With Amro El Geziry and Samantha Achterberg already qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the rest of Team USA will try to earn a spot in the Games by securing enough points in various competitions around the world. The next competition is the Pentathlon World Cup in Sofia, Bulgaria starting on 25 March.

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