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Samantha Schultz Wins Final Olympic Qualifier

Jan. 18, 2020, 12 a.m. (ET)

San Luis Obispo, CA – Samantha Schultz won the final Olympic Qualifier for USA Pentathlon being held at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Samantha opened with an eighth place finish in the fencing event.

Naomi Ross, the elite fencer from Denver won the fencing event with Jessica Davis second and Isabella Isaksen third.

The nation’s best pentathlete swimmer Avery Nieman easily won the 200 meter freestyle swimming event in a time of 2:05.20. Second was Heidi Hendrick in 211.27, placing third was Alyona Beams in 2:13.34. The competition leaders were Samantha Schultz finishing fifth in the swim with Isabella Isaksen sixth and Jessica Davis seventh.

The riding event saw seven athletes record a perfect score: Samantha Schultz, Viktoria Ahaus, Phalen French, Avery Niemann, Corinne Thompson, Christine Murray and Sanojah Gilkes.

The final laser run event saw Samantha truly soar as raced home in first place to win the competition in a time of 12:45. Samantha earned 1,326 pentathlon points for the day’s work. Second place was Isabella Isaksen with 1,316 points with Jessica Davis finishing third with 1,302 points.

Jessica had the third fastest laser run finishing in 13:27 with Anastasia Vasileva having the second fastest in 13:23. To view the complete results, click here. To view a photo gallery from today's competition, click here.

Tomorrow the action continues with the men’s competition.