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Cairo World Cup Day 2 Recap

Feb. 27, 2020, 12 a.m. (ET)

Cairo, Egypt -Today was the men’s turn to compete and fight to get into the top 36. 91 athletes, from 32 countries, were looking to make the final and get a shot at big Olympic Ranking points. Barrett Celecki, Brendan Anderson, Tyler Evans, and Sam Ruddock represented Team USA across the three groups.

            In Group A, Tyler Evans got things started with the swimming event. He got off to a smooth start but fell off his pace the third 50. He brought it home strong and finished with a time of 2:10, equaling his best time from last season. Up next was fencing. Evans got some good touches in fencing, including one against the Asian champion from KOR. However, he had a losing streak in the middle and ended up with 9 victories and 21 defeats. Before the laser run, Evans was sitting in 31st place. His 2nd shooting series was his best, going 11 seconds. But the other three series were a little above his average. With a strong run, he was able to move ahead from where he started, crossing the finish line with a time of 11:08. Evans finished in 24th place in his group and 67th overall with a score of 1087.

            Group B had Sam Ruddock. In the 200-meter swim, Ruddock had a very good, consistent race. He swam a 2:04, three seconds faster than what he swam here last year and good enough for a 4th place finish in the event. Fencing was up next, and Ruddock had a tough start. He had a streak of seven losses and was unable to get out of that hole. His total of 8 victories and 21 defeats put him in 29th place in the event. Ruddock started in 30th place before the start of the laser run. Compared to last year on this course, he was able to go 55 seconds faster in his laser run. Shooting a little faster and running faster as well, a significant improvement in the event. Unfortunately, Ruddock’s fencing was what hurt his overall score. He finished with a score of 981 which was 88th place overall.

            The last group, Group C, had both Barrett Celecki and Brendan Anderson. They started the day with the fencing event. This was Celecki’s first World Cup, so it was his first time fencing against the best athletes in the world. He finished with a total of 7 victories and 22 defeats, but got some great touches, including hitting both CZE athletes. Anderson stayed pretty even throughout the fencing event, winning a couple, losing a couple. He had some good touches, including getting a victory over the 2016 Olympic Silver medalist. He finished with 14 victories and 15 defeats, which was 19th, place in the event. Up next was the swimming event. Anderson touched the wall in a 2:09, a one-second improvement from his time last year in this pool. Celecki had a strong swim, finishing the event in 7th place with a time of 2:03. The day ended with the laser run. Celecki struggled in the shooting event. Each of his shooting series was over 20 seconds, but he was able to put together a strong run and cross the line with a time of 11:36. His score of 1053 put him in 28th place in his group and 83rd overall. Anderson had a few more misses than he normally does in shooting, but a good run helped him improve his time from last year. His time of 11:21 was 38 seconds faster than last year. Anderson was 19th place in his group and 53rd overall with a score of 1112.

            Team USA was unable to get any men into Saturday’s final. World Cup #1 saw the USA athletes gain some experience and some ideas on how to move forward with the rest of the season. After this competition’s final, the Olympic Ranking List will change. Be sure to check next week to see an updated Olympic Ranking List and where Team USA athletes stand. Team USA’s next competition will be World Cup #2 in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of March. GO TEAM USA!!!