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Team USA athletes close-out 2019 season with a medal haul at Biathle Triathle World Championships

Oct. 31, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

St. Petersburg, FL - US athletes won 10 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals in individual and relay events held at the recently concluded Biathle (run-swim) and Triathle (run-swim - shoot ) World Championships in St Petersburg, Florida last weekend. A total of 24 US athletes returned home with hardware. Notably, Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifiers, Samantha Achterburg and Amro El Geziry won the elite mixed relay while Samantha won the individual elite Biathle and Triathle with Baratt Celeski winning the men’s elite division.

Samantha Achterberg was top medal hauler at the competition winning six gold medals. A total of 34 nations competed at the world championships. A complete listing of Team USA medal winners is below:

GOLD x 10

Senior Biathle Mixed Relay (Samantha Achterberg, Amro Elgeziry)

Senior Triathle Mixed Relay (Samantha Achterberg, Amro Elgeziry)

Senior Female Triathle-Barrett Celecki

Senior Female Triathle-Samantha Achterberg

Senior Female Triathle Team (Samantha  Achterberg, Heidi Hendrick, Amy Maxwell)

Masters 60+ Male Triathle Team (David Longacre, Keith Berryhill, John Hollenhorst)

Senior Female Biathle-Samantha Achterberg

Senior Female Biathle Team (Samantha Achterberg, Heidi Hendrick, Amy Maxwell)

Masters 60+ Male Biathle-David Longacre

Masters 60+ Male Biathle Team (David Longacre, John Hollenhorst, Keith Berryhill)



Senior Female Triathle-Heidi Hendrick

Masters 40+ Male Triahtle-Kirt Iverson

Masters 50+ Female Triathle-Jacquelyn Dickey

Junior Female Biathle-Zoe Lamonte



Masters 50+ Biathle Mixed Relay (Karen Westerman, Russ Westerman)

U11 Male Triathle Team(Creed Childs, George Smiley, Colton Blankenfeld)

U11 Female Triathle Team (Ivy Iverson, Eve Munkittrick, Dakota Blankenfeld)

Senior Male Triathle Team (Barrett Celecki, Alex Guzman, Anders Corbett)

U9 Male Biathle-Iver Iverson

Senior Female Biathle-Heidi Hendrick

Senior Male Biathle Team (Matt Hendrick, Alex Guzman, Anders Corbett)