UIPM World Cup 4 Day 5 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | May 27, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Prague, Czech Republic - Today was the last day of World Cup 4 here in Prague, Czech Republic. 19 teams were competing in the mixed relay with Samantha Achterberg and Tyler Evans teaming up for Team USA. The day started with the 2x100 swimming event. Achterberg dove in first and got Team USA of to an early lead with a 1:04.3. Tyler dove and increased his lead, going a quick 54.7, touching the wall first to win the heat in a time of 1:59.07. After the swimming event, Team USA was sitting in 11th place.

The start of the fencing event was rough for Team USA, only getting 3 victories out of 12 bouts. But they were able to regroup and fence better after that, going 10 victories and 12 defeats. Team USA finished with 13 victories and 23 defeats for a score of 178. In the bonus round, Team USA was up against ECU. Achterberg was in the first bout and attacked with a fleche, ECU parried and was able to get the touch before Achterberg could disengage. Evans was up next. ECU fleched and Evans missed the stop hit, resulting in ECU getting the touch and winning against 2-0 against USA. Team USA was unable to get any bonus round points and was in 18th before the ride.

USA drew some good horses, Luky and Olympia. After a good warmup, Achterberg and Evans got around the course with zero jumping penalties and 21 time penalties for a total score of 279, a score that had them in 8th place for the riding event. This was Evans first international riding event and he did a great job getting around the course with no jumping penalties. Team USA moved up a couple of spots after the ride, starting the laser run in 15th place.

The laser run was Achterberg and Evans best event of the day. Both shot well, Achterberg shooting 23 seconds for her two series, and Evans shooting 25 seconds for his two series. Great running from them as well, especially a big sprint finish for Evans, who passed three athletes in the last 100 meters. Their combined time of 10:59 was 5th fastest in the laser run and Team USA finished the day in 10th place overall. 

That does it for World Cup 4 with Team USA having some great moments over the weekend here in Prague. Next up on the calendar in US Nationals taking place in San Antonio, TX next month. GO TEAM USA!!!