UIPM World Cup 4 DAy 4 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | May 26, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Prague, Czech Republic - Today was the last day of individual competition, the men's final, and Team USA was being represented by Amro Elgeziry. He finished 35th out of the semi-finals to secure his spot in today's competition. Swimming was the first event and Elgeziry was the top seed in this final. Swimming out of lane 3 in heat 6, Elgeziry had some strong competition with two athletes going 1:54, which is what Elgeziry did in his semi-final. But he really picked it up the second 100, going .9secs faster than his semi-final 2nd 100. He touched the wall at 1:53.64, winning the swim by almost a second. After one event, Elgeziry was sitting on top of the leaderboard.

Next event was fencing and Elgeziry got off to a good start, going 8 victories with just 2 defeats. He had a slump in the middle, only winning two bouts out of 9. But finished strong, getting 7 victories in the last 10 bouts. Overall, in the fencing event, Elgeziry finished in 10th place with 19 victories and 15 defeats. In the bonus round, Elgeziry was up against an athlete from the host country. Elgeziry went for a toe touch but missed and CZE capitalized, getting the touch. Elgeziry was unable to get any bonus points and before the ride, he was in 5th place.

Elgeziry drew Capuletty, a strong horse that liked to go fast. The horse got a little fast on Elgeziry during the course and that caused a few knockdowns. There were 35 jumping penalties and 5 time penalties for a total score of 260, that score had him finish 34th in the riding event. Going into the laser run, Elgeziry was sitting in 16th place.

He did almost the exact same laser run time as he did in the semi-final, he did a 11:37 in the final versus a 11:36 in the semi-final. He had a little trouble with shooting, spending 75seconds on the range for all four series. He ran well, only one second slower than his semi-final running. His shooting is what caused him to drop places. Everyone was bunched up at the start and by the end, Elgeziry crossed the line in 31st place overall.

Even though his skill events (fencing, riding, shooting) were off today, Elgeziry still had a good World Cup season. He made the final in the two World Cups that he competed in. His qualification to World Cup Final is too close to call. In the next week or two, the final list of competitors should be announced.

Tomorrow is the last day of this World Cup. Samantha Achterberg and Tyler Evans will compete against 18 other countries in the mixed relay. Tune in to www.uipmtv.org for live streaming coverage. Local live feed times are 4pm (fence), 5:30pm (riding), and 7:00pm (laser run); with Prague being 8hrs ahead of Colorado. Be sure to check out www.usapentathlon.org for daily updates. GO TEAM USA!!!