UIPM World Cup 4 Day 4 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | May 25, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Prague, Czech - The top 36 athletes from the women's semi-final competed today in the women's final and Samantha Achterberg was representing the red, white, and blue. The day started with the swimming event and Achterberg was in heat 1, lane 3. She started her 1st 50 almost identical to her semi-final swim. But was able to turn it up a little bit, dropping a couple of tenths on the second, third, and fourth 50s compared to semis. She finished with a time of 2:18.64, 7 tenths faster than what she did in the semi-final. After the swim event, Achterberg was sitting in 30th place.

The fencing event was up next. Achterberg got off to a descent start, going 5v/7d. For the rest of the competition, she was unable to string some victories together. She would win one, lose a few, win one, lose a few. She made some good fleches against strong opponents, getting touches against top athletes from GBR, FRA, and RUS. In the round robin event, she ended up with 10v/25d for a total of 160 points. Her first opponent in the fencing bonus round was the athlete from JPN. JPN was just a little too fast for Achterberg's parry and got the touch on her. Achterberg was unable to get any bonus round points and is starting the ride in 36th place.

Achterberg drew a horse named Belle, a good horse that went through the jumping test with two knockdowns. She had a good ride with zero jumping faults and 7 time faults for a total score of 293. Her score was the 6th best ride of the day and after the riding event, Achterberg was sitting in 29th position.

Achterberg shot a couple of seconds better than what she did in the semi-final, shooting all 4 series in a total time of 46secs. Her running was slightly slower than the semi-final, a couple seconds each lap, and she finished with a time of 12:19. She stayed in the 29th position for most of the race, but made a big surge the last 200meters to pass an athlete and cross the finish line in 28th place. It was a great World Cup season for Achterberg. She competed in three World Cups and made the final in all three. She has a great chance of qualifying for World Cup final. Official invitations will be sent out next week.

Tomorrow is the men's final where Team USA will he represented by Amro Elgeziry. Follow him live through www.uipmtv.org. The scheduled live stream times are 4pm (bonus round fencing), 5:30pm (riding), and 7:30pm (laser run). These are local times and Prague is 8hrs ahead of Colorado. Be sure to check www.usapentathlon.org for daily recaps. GO TEAM USA!!