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UIPM World Cup 4 Day 1 Review

May 23, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Prague, Czech Republic - World Cup #4 kicked off today with the women’s semi-final. Team USA was represented by four women who were in Groups B and C. In Group B, there was Samantha Achterberg and Ania Olesinski. Swimming was the first event of the day and Olesinski was up first in heat number one. She got off to a quick start and she faded a little in the 2nd 100, but still swam a season best with a time of 2:29.69. Achterberg was up next in heat number two. She had consistent splits during the race and touched the wall in a time of 2:19.31 to get 2nd in her heat.

Fencing was the next event. Olesinski got off to a strong start, getting some good touches. She scored touches against GER, GBR, and the current #2 ranked athlete in the world from HUN. She ended up with 11V/13d for a score of 202. Achterberg started off 2v/8d but was able to get some momentum after that. She made some great fleches in that second half and finished the day with 10v/14d. Her total score of 194 was her best fencing score in the last two seasons.

Before the laser run, Achterberg was in 21st place and Olesinski was in 22nd place. Olesinski had good shooting, getting all four series in a total of 47secs, but struggled a little bit in the run. She dropped a couple of places to cross the finish line in 24th place. Achterberg had solid shooting, going 48secs for all four series, and she had great running. Her laser run time of 12:04 was the fastest time on course for the day and she moved herself up to finish in 8th place, automatically qualifying for the final on Saturday.

Isabella Isaksen and Jessica Davis were both in Group C and they started the day with swimming. Davis had a solid swim, going a 2:25. She split the race well and was pleased with her swim time for where she was in her training. Swimming out of lane 1 in heat number 3, Isaksen had a strong 200, splitting the race very well. She touched the wall second in her heat with a time 2:17.80.

Fencing was up next, and Davis scored her season best with a total of 12v/12d. She had a good string of touches, hitting both athletes from BLR, CZE, and RUS. Isaksen started off good, but had a stretch of losing 6 in a row. She was consistent outside of that and finished the fencing event with 10v/4d for a score of 194.

Before the laser run, Davis was in 17th and Isaksen was in 18th. Davis had good running but was off a little in her shooting. She was slightly above her average in all four series, ranging from 15secs to 21secs for the four series. She came across the finish line in 22nd place overall. Isaksen shot well for her first two series but had a hard time in the third and fourth, going 18secs and 23secs. She descent running splits and crossed the finish line where she started, in 18th place.

Good job today for all the women and great job for Achterberg who will be representing Team USA in Saturday’s Women Final.

Tomorrow is the men’s semi-final and Team USA men are hungry for great results. GO TEAM USA!!!