World Cup Final Day 1

June 27, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)
Tokyo, Japan - The 2019 World Cup Final kicked off today in Tokyo, Japan. The top 36 athletes from the 4 World Cups this season qualified for a best of the best competition. This event is also the test event for the 2020 Olympic Games; testing out the venues, the logistics, and the schedule for Modern Pentathlon in Tokyo next year. In addition to being the test event, this competition is also the first chance for athletes to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. The winner of the World Cup Final gets an automatic Olympic qualification. Day 1 of this competition was the fencing ranking round, which was held in the venue that will be used for the Olympic Games. The venue can seat 6,000 and all eyes were on the 36 women fighting for that Olympic qualification spot. Samantha Achterberg, who finaled in 3 World Cups this season, was among those top 36. It was a rough start for Achterberg, who started out with 4 victories and 14 defeats. She was able to fence better in the second half, going 8 victories and 9 defeats. She finished with a total of 12 victories and 23 defeats, her highest number of victories this season. Achterberg had some great touches, hitting World Cup Champions and a 2016 Olympic Medalist. She just needs to stay focused for all 35 bouts and then she can be a real threat. Going into Day 2, Achterberg sits in 35th place. She will look to move up in the rankings with her strong events of riding and laser run taking place tomorrow.

Day 2 will see the rest of the women’s individual competition; swimming, fencing bonus round, riding, and the laser run. GO TEAM USA!!! GO ACHTERBERG!!!