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Strong Day for USA Women as Achterberg Claims Silver and Olympic Berth

July 28, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Lima, Peru – Team USA was anchored in the women’s individual pentathlon event at the 2019 Pan American Games by the silver medal performance of 27 year old Samantha Achterberg, Littleton, CO. By winning the silver medal, Samantha also received a spot competing for the USA in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Specialist Achterberg is a member of the U.S. Army’s World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) and trains at Fort Carson and at the USOC Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Samantha started with 15 victories and 16 defeats in the fencing ranking round. In the fencing bonus round she added a victory to finish fencing with 202 pentathlon points and in 16th place. In the 200 meter swim, she finished fourth in a time of 2:20.54 worth 269 points.

Samantha had a strong ride capturing the 5th best score and 293 points. She had a clean ride, only accumulating 7 time penalties, this over a course that claimed many athletes.

Going into the final laser run event, Samantha was in 8th position. The laser run is her strongest event as her background is in cross country and she has been hunting since childhood with her dad. Her shooting is extremely proficient.

She started the event not only shooting 5 targets with 5 shots, but doing so extremely quickly. Immediately she began to move up the ranking. With strong running and great shooting on the second and third lap, she left the shooting area for the third time in third place.

In the final two laps Samantha moved into second place to win the Pan Am Games silver medal with 1,338 pentathlon points. She had the fastest time of all competitors in the laser run, 12:06.00 worth 574 points.

2016 Olympian Isabella Isaksen, Fayetteville, CT finished in 10th place with 1,236 pentathlon points. Isabella was 14th in the fencing event with 16 victories and 15 defeats worth 208 pentathlon points. She swam 2:25.12 worth 260 points and was 9th best on the day.

In the riding event, Isabella had 41 penalty points picking up 250 pentathlon points as she was 14th best in the event. In the laser run, she recorded a time of 13:11.00 for 509 points to finish in 10th place with 1,236 pentathlon points.

Jessica Davis, Bethlehem, CT was competing in her first Pan Am Games. Jess started off the fencing in 18th position with 14 victories and 17 defeats. In swimming she was 17th with a time of2:29.65 worth 251 points.

Jess was unable to complete the riding event. In the laser run, she ran the 6th fastest time of 12:41.00 gaining 539 points. She finished the day with 984 pentathlon points in 23rd place.

Competing today will be Amro ElGeziry and Brendan Anderson, both from Colorado Springs, CO.

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