Pan Am Games Individual Fencing Ranking Round Recap

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | July 27, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Lima, Peru - Leading up to the Olympics, the Pan Am Games is the most important competition for Team USA. It is a competition that can directly qualify an athlete to next year's Olympic Games. There are a total of 5 athletes at this competition that will qualify for the Olympics, with a maximum of 3 spots from North America. Team USA is looking to get one of those 3 spots.

July 26th saw the start of the competition with the women's and men's fencing ranking round. The women got things started and Team USA was represented by Samantha Achterberg, Isabella Isaksen, and Jessica Davis. All three athletes had a good start, getting more 2 victories for every defeat. There was a small slump in the middle, but everyone finished strong. Isaksen was the highest finisher for USA with 16 victories and 15 defeats. Achterberg finished 15 victories and 16 defeats and Davis finished with 14 victories and 17 defeats. With Isaksen tied for 14th, Achterberg tied for 16th, and Davis tied for 18th, they are all looking to move up the leaderboard in the rest of the events.

Right after the women, the men were up for their fencing ranking round. Amro Elgeziry and Brendan Anderson are representing Team USA at these Pan Am Games. Anderson was pretty consistent throughout the event. He had a good stretch of winning 5 in a row, but had a stretch of losing 4 in a row a couple of rounds later. Ending up with 17 victories and 14 defeats, Anderson finished the fencing ranking round in a tie for 14th place. Elgeziry had a rough start. After having 2 blades fail and receiving a 10 point penalty, he started his first 8 bouts with 4 victories. But after that, he got into a grove, only losing 6 of his 23 bouts. Elgeziry ended up with 21 victories and 10 defeats, which put him in 7th place.

The competition concludes on July 27th for the women and July 28th for the men. Be sure to follow and USA Pentathlon on Facebook for photos and updates of the competition. GO TEAM USA!!!