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Team USA at UIPM Youth World Championship

July 24, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Sofia, Bulgaria - Coach Velizar Iliev led Team USA at the Pentathlon Youth World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Veteran World Team members Ingrid Mayer (San Antonio, TX) and Henry Shugart (Denver, CO) were joined by Jenna Kelly (Denver, CO), Colby Orcutt (Fort Walton Beach, FL), Daniel Crowley (Bethesda, MD), Luke Kolbinski (San Antonio) & Jeremy Piñon (Roswell, NM) who were all making their first World Team appearance. 

Coach Velizar was extremely happy with how all the athletes competed. “We are still working to put together strong performances in all disciplines; however, Team USA had some outstanding results. It is especially impressive considering that five of our seven athletes are competing in their first World Championships.”
In the U19 competitions, we had amazing fencing results with Ingrid Mayer winning Qualification Group C, Henry Shugart finished 3rd in fencing in Qualification Group A and Jenna Kelly took 4th in fencing for Qualification Group B. Jeremy Piñon was consistent in all of his events in both the U19 individual and relay competitions.
At their inaugural U17 World Championships, Jenna Kelly, Luke Kolbinski, Colby Orcutt and Daniel Crowley all had especially strong performances in the relay competitions.Colby Orcutt had an amazing laser run on a difficult course —running down two teams in the U17 Mixed Relay on her way to a 6:54 PR in that event. Luke Kolbinski also competed extremely well in the Mixed Relay with a huge PR of 1:19 in the swimming event. Daniel Crowley was strong all-around in his inaugural championships.
Relay Results Below:
U17 Women’s Relay - 14th
Colby Orcutt
Jenna Kelly
U17 Mixed Relay - 18th
Colby Orcutt
Luke Kolbinski
U19 Women’s Relay - 15th
Jenna Kelly
Ingrid Mayer
U19 Men’s Relay - 21st
Daniel Crowley
Jeremy Piñon
U19 Mixed Relay - 19th
Ingrid Mayer
Henry Shugart