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Rob Stull, USA Pentathlon CEO inducted into US Fencing Hall of Fame

July 08, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Columbus, OH - Rob Stull was inducted as a member of the US Fencing Hall of Fame’s class of 2019 Saturday, June 29th in Columbus, Ohio, at a gala dinner during the US National Championships being held there. Stull was honored along with 6 other individuals for outstanding achievement in the sport of fencing.

Rob Stull, a former collegiate swimmer, began fencing at the relatively ripe age of 19, following his introduction to the sport of Modern Pentathlon, and he quickly rose through the  fencing ranks earning his A rating in less than eighteen months. His passion was and is the Modern Pentathlon, considered the Olympic test of the most “complete” athlete. The Pentathlon demonstrates the skills of a Napoleonic courier, where the messenger would need to ride any horse over obstacles such as walls and fences, defend themselves with sword and pistol and run and swim the message through enemy lines. Stull was uniquely suited to such a sport growing up in rural Maryland riding horses where he was a standout high school swimmer and track athlete and where he learned to hunt from his father at an early age. Only fencing or “sword-fighting” as he knew it remained to be mastered. And mastered he did with the help of legendary coaches Kaj Czarnecki and Janusz Peciak. Stull came to dominate men’s epee in the 1990’s and had a career lasting from 1979 to 1999.

As a fencer, Stull won numerous individual and team national championships in epee for USA Pentathlon while representing and winning medals in men’s epee for Team USA in World Cups, World Championships and the World University and Pan American Games. He won the fencing discipline of the Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Games, World Championships and numerous international events. As an Olympian Stull made three US Olympic teams in both Modern Pentathlon and Fencing between 1984 and 1992, in 1984 he was named captain of the silver medal winning Pentathlon team and finished fourth in 1992. A severe leg fracture from showjumping effectively ended his Pentathlon career and kept him from any hope of making the 1996 Olympic team. In 1999 he competed in his final Fencing World Championships.

Beyond his athletic career, Stull has served as a member of the USOC’s executive committee and athlete leadership group. Today Stull continues his adventures in sport as the Managing Director / CEO of USA Pentathlon Multisport and currently serves as the President of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Confederation of Modern Pentathlon and is a member of the executive board of the UIPM, the international federation for the Olympic Sport of Modern Pentathlon. He is a well-known figure in sport in general and can be found often handling the announcing duties at major Pentathlon and related events.

One of only a very small “handful” of two-sport Olympians in history, Stull remains dedicated to the ideals of the Olympic movement, which in his words, “…gave him opportunities and friendships beyond his wildest dreams.” His message to the younger generations is simple, “…we are all standing on the shoulders of giants, men and women who dreamed and then worked to make their dreams a reality. It is your job now to stand tall and strong so that future generations can stand on your shoulders and reach ever higher heights.”