UIPM World Cup Final Day 4

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | July 01, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Tokyo, Japan - The final day of the 2019 World Cup Final saw 18 countries battle it out in the mixed relay. Team USA had Samantha Achterberg and Amro Elgeziry team up for the relay. The first event of the day was the 2x100 swimming event. Achterberg dove in for the first leg with a time of 1:06.5 and handed it off to Elgeziry, who went a quick 54.3 on the anchor leg. They finished second in their heat and 7th overall with a time of 2:00.8. Up next was the fencing ranking round. Achterberg started off strong but lost a couple of unlucky touches at the end. She finished with 6 victories and 11 defeats. Elgeziry started a little slow but had a good 2nd half to end up with 10 victories and 7 defeats.

Their team score of 16 victories and 18 defeats put them in 11th place for the event. In the bonus round, they went up against JPN. Achterberg lost the first touch and Elgeziry was unable to even it up, losing to JPN 0-2. Unfortunately, they came away from the bonus round with zero bonus victories. After the swimming and fencing events, Team USA was in 10th place.

The riding event saw some tough rides for all the countries, but Team USA was not one of them, getting around the course with just one knockdown and 7 time faults, for a total score of 286. They were 8th in the riding event and moved up to 7th before the start of the laser run. Achterberg started first and she had great shooting, not a single miss in her two series. A couple of athletes that started right behind her ended up passing Achterberg in the run. Achterberg was in 9th place when she tagged Elgeziry for his leg of the race.

Elgeziry had a great run but had a couple more misses than normal in the shooting series. He ended up losing a place and crossed the finished line in 10th place. A good weekend here in Tokyo with some highs and lows. There was a lot learned from this Olympic test event that Team USA can use to improve as they continue the season.

Next up for Team USA is the Pan Am Games, taking place in Lima, Peru at the end of July. This is the most important competition of the year, where Team USA has the chance to qualify one man and one woman to the 2020 Olympic Games. Be sure to follow Team USA as they get ready for Peru. GO TEAM USA!!!