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Jessica Davis Wins 2020 Qualifier 1

Dec. 14, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Colorado Springs, CO – Jessica Davis started strong and charged throughout the day to win the opening national qualifier for the 2020 Olympic season. Jessica was second in the opening fencing round which was won by Naomi Ross.

Avery Niemann won the swim in a fast time of 2:06.98. Heidi Hendrick was second at 2:11.75. Rounding out the top places in the swim were Samantha Achterberg in third, Isabella Isaksen in fourth and Jessica Davis in fifth.

Davis took the overall competition lead after the swimming event and never relinquished it. The riding event saw 15 riders score 300 points.

Samantha Achterberg won the laser run event in a time of 13:04, but she fell 14 seconds shy of the overall win as Jessica ran the laser run in a time of 13:43 to win the completion by 14 points.

The final results saw Jessica with 1,301 Pentathlon points, Samantha Achterberg with 1,287 points, Isabella with 1,281 and Anna Olesinski in fourth place with 1,258 points. To view the complete results, please click here.The men will be in action tomorrow.