Sofia World Cup Day 4 Review

By Dennis, Bowsher OLY | April 13, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)




Sofia, Bulgaria - Day 4 was the men’s final and Team USA is represented by Amro Elgeziry, who was one of the 36 men that qualified after Thursday’s semi-finals. It was a strong field with many Olympians, World Champions, and World Cup winners.


The day began with the swimming event and Elgeziry came in as the fastest seed, swimming in lane four of the final heat. Right from the start, Elgeziry took control of the race. He flipped first at the 50 and slowly increased his lead every 50. Elgeziry won the swimming event by two seconds with a time of 1:58.02, half of a second faster that what he did in the semi-final. After one event, Elgeziry was sitting in 1st place. Next up was the fencing event and Elgeziry was strong throughout the event. He had a couple of touches where he lost because he just got unlucky. He ended up with 21 victories and 13 defeats for a total score of 232. Last year at World Cup #2, Elgeziry fenced for a score of 226, so he is slightly ahead of where he was last year at this point. The bonus round followed the round robin fencing and Elgeziry was up against LAT. Elgeziry scored a great touch for a bonus victory and now faced GER. Unfortunately, Elgeziry lost, so he came away with one bonus victory which equals one extra point added to his score.


Before the riding event, Elgeziry was in 2nd place. He drew a good horse that only had one knockdown in the first round of riding. When it was Elgeziry’s turn to ride the horse, he got around with no jumping faults and 5 seconds over time, for a total score of 295.  After riding, Elgeziry was starting in position number 2 with a lot of athletes behind him that were really close to each other. Elgeziry had a bad first shoot, going 21 seconds, and he was able to leave the range not losing too much ground. He held his own over the second and third series, staying in the pack of top 6. His fourth series was a little above average and lost a couple of places, but when he left the range, he had a strong last lap to fight for every position. Elgeziry ultimately crossed the finish line in 10th place. This is a good result for his first World Cup of the season and something to build upon.


That wraps up an exciting World Cup for Team USA. Next stop is Szekesfehervar, Hungary for World Cup #3. GO TEAM USA!!