Sofia World Cup Day 3 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | April 12, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)

Day 3

The women's final for World Cup #2 took place today. The top 36 women from Wednesday's semi-finals were competing for a chance to stand on top of the podium and to boost their world ranking. Among those 36 athletes is Team USA's Samantha Achterberg, competing in her second final of this World Cup Season.

The day started with swimming and Achterberg swam out of lane seven in heat number three. Her final time of 2:22.50 was just over a second slower than her semi-final time. She was just a little bit slower in the first half of the race and a little slower the second half. After the swim, Achterberg was sitting in 24th place. Next up was the ranking round of the fencing event. Achterberg got off to a slow start, going 7 straight defeats before getting her first victory. She also had another 7 loss streak in the middle of the event and she just wasn't able to get out the deficit she had created. Achterberg finished the day with 9 victories and 26 defeats for a total of 154 points, the same score as she did in the final of World Cup #1.

In the Bonus Round, Achterberg was up against HUN and got a nice hand touch to get a bonus victory. Next bout was TUR and the result was the same, a great hand touch to get her second bonus victory. ITA was next and Achterberg went for a foot touch but missed and ITA scored the touch. She finished the Bonus Round with two victories which is two additional points added to her score. Before the riding event, Achterberg was in 36th place. It was going to be a challenging ride because the course is muddy from the rain that occured over teh last few days. Achterberg drew a good horse that was strong but a little slow in the turns. She got the horse around the course with zero jumping penalties and 11 time faults for a total score of 289, finishing in 19th place in riding.

After the riding event, she was sitting in 33rd place. Up next was the laser run. Achterberg shot well, only missing twice and finishing all 4 series with a total time of 41 seconds. She was a little tired coming into this event and ran each lap a few seconds slower than she did in the semi-final. She finished the event with a time of 12:44, which was the 11th fastest time of the day. Overall, Achterberg finished World Cup #2 in 28th place.

Tomorrow is the men's final and Team USA is represented by Amro Elgeziry. He is looking to have a strong finish in his first World Cup of the season. GO TEAM USA!!