Sofia World Cup Day 2 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | April 11, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)



Sofia, Bulgaria - Yesterday was the women’s semi-final where we saw Samantha Achterberg qualify for Friday’s final.  Day 2 saw Team USA’s men fighting for their chance to earn a spot in Saturday’s final.  In today’s semi-final, 95 of the best athletes from around the world were competing in three groups. Just like the day before, the top 10 from each group automatically qualified for the final, with the next 6 highest scores from all groups qualifying for the final as well. Team USA had men in Group A and Group C.

Brendan Anderson and Tyler Evans were in group A and fencing was their first event. Anderson stayed solid throughout the day, only having a stretch where he lost 4 in a row. He made some great actions including getting touches on the two previous World Champions. He finished with 13 victories and 17 defeats for a total score of 194 points. That score is almost 20 points higher than what he did in the semi-final of World Cup #1. Evans fenced well today, with the only bad part being a point where he lost 7 out of 8 bouts. He managed to string a couple victories in a row at different times of the day and ended up with 13 victories and 17 defeats. At the 2018 World Cup #2, Evans fenced for 146 points. At this World Cup, Evans fenced for 194 points, quite an improvement since last year. Next up was the 200-meter swim. Anderson was up first in heat two, lane 8. He had a little trouble getting up to his normal speed but split the race very evenly. He touched the wall at 2:12.10 which was just over a second from what he did at the last World Cup. Evans got seeded in the final heat and swam out of lane 7. He was right with pack after the first 100 but faded a little on the back half and finished with a time of 2:10.98. The last event of the day for these guys was the laser run. Evans was starting in 19th place and Anderson was starting in 21st place. Evans shot well below his shooting average, getting all 4 series in a total of 51 seconds. He had a great run and really went for it on the last lap. Moving up a couple of spots, he finished in 17th place in his group. Anderson had three good shooting series but let the third one get away from him, spending 23 seconds on the range for that series. He shot all 4 series in 61 seconds. Even running splits kept him close to those around him and only dropped one place as he crossed the finish line in 22nd place in his group.

Competing in his first World Cup of the 2019 season, Amro Elgeziry was in the last group of the day; Group C. The three-time Olympian started with the swimming event and showed why he is the one to beat in the pool. Elgeziry was in second place after the first 50 but had an amazing turn that put him in the lead and he never relinquished that lead. He touched the wall with a time 1:58.52, which was the fastest time of the day. Another strong event for Elgeziry was up next; fencing. He got off to a good start but had a small slump in the middle. He got out of that slump and went on a tear at the end, winning 7 out of his last 8 bouts. Elgeziry finished with 20 victories and 11 defeats, which put him in 6th place in the event. Before the laser run, Elgeziry was starting in 3rd place. Consistent shooting and consistent running kept him in the top 4 throughout the entire laser run and he was a part of the top ten that jogged across the finishing line. Elgeziry was officially in 8th place and secured an automatic spot into the final.

Great job today for Team USA’s men. Tomorrow is the women’s final and Team USA will get to see Samantha Achterberg in action. Tune in to to cheer her on. GO TEAM USA!!