Sofia World Cup Day 1 Review

By Dennis Bowsher, OLY | April 10, 2019, 12 a.m. (ET)



Sofia, Bulgaria - World Cup #2 started today with the women’s semi-final. There were 80 women registered for this competition and Team USA had 4 athletes competing across 3 groups. The top 10 from each group plus the next 6 highest scores from all groups qualified for the final. In Group A, Jessica Davis and Naomi Ross began the day with the fencing event. Davis had a bit of an up and down day, winning a couple then losing a few. She finished the event with 9 victories and 17 defeats for a total score of 178. Ross had a good day in fencing, having a stretch where she won 10 out of 12 bouts and even scoring a victory against the 2017 World Champion. Ross finished with 16 victories and 10 defeats, finishing in 5th place in that event. Next up was the 200-meter swim. Both Davis and Ross were in heat one and swimming in lanes 2 & 3. Davis touched the wall with a time of 2:31.77 which was just off her time that she went in World Cup #1. Ross finished in a time of 2:37.00, which was a little over a second slower than her time from World Cup #1. The last event of the day for these ladies was the laser run.  Both had a couple of series that they wish they could take back, both shooting a little higher than their normal average. Davis had a good run, moving up one spot and finishing in 25th place in her group. Ross ran faster than she did in the last World Cup and crossed the line in 27th place.

Group B had Isabella Isaksen getting the day started in the swimming pool. Isaksen dove in and got off to a strong start. She fell back a little in the final 50 but got her hand on the wall to finish with a time of 2:21.22. That time is 2 seconds faster than what she did at the beginning of the season at the second US Domestic competition. Next up was fencing. She started off by winning half of her bouts but then turned it on, winning seven bouts in a row. She lost a few at the end and managed to finish with 14 victories and 11 defeats for a total score of 218. The laser run was the last event of the day. Shooting was going to be a question because her own pistol did not arrive into Sofia and she had to borrow a pistol. She kept her focus on the range and finished all 4 series in 58 seconds. Her running looked strong and consistent throughout the race and Isaksen crossed the line in 17th place in her group. Overall in this competition, she finished in 46th place, missing the final by just 14 points.

Samantha Achterberg was the final athlete for Team USA, competing in Group C. She started the day by winning her heat in swimming with a time of 2:21.30. That time, which was over a second faster than her time from the first World Cup, putting her in 7th place in the swimming event. Fencing was the next event. Achterberg had some rough stretches but had some great touches, including a great foot touch against the German athlete. She finished fencing with 8 victories and 17 defeats for a total score of 170, slightly higher than her semi-final fencing score from the first World Cup. The final event for the entire day was Group C’s laser run, with Achterberg starting in 22nd place. She had consistent shooting, only missing 1 shot each series for a total shooting time of 45 seconds. Achterberg had a strong run and she moved herself up to a 12th place finish with a time of 12:26, the second fastest time of the day. Finishing 12th in her group secured Achterberg a spot in the final. She will be back at it again on Day 3 for the women’s final.

Tomorrow, it is the men’s turn as Day 2 has the men’s semi-final. Amro Elgeziry, Brendan Anderson, and Tyler Evans are representing Team USA against the rest of the world as they compete for a spot in the final. GO TEAM USA!!