World Championship Men's Final Recap

By Dennis Bowsher | Sept. 14, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)

Mexico City, Mexico - The last day of the 2018 Senior World Championships was the Men’s Individual Final. After the round robin fencing event, Amro Elgeziry was in a tie for 3rd place and Brendan Anderson was in a tie for 7th place. The day started out with the swimming event. Anderson had a little bit of a slower start than he did in the semi-final, but came back strong.

In the end, he finished with a time of 2:06.77 which was just over a second off what he did in the semi-final. Elgeziry attacked his 200-meter swim event and was able to drop more than a second from his semi-final time, going a 1:56.00. He finished in 3rd place in the event, one second away from the top time. In the bonus round, Anderson was up against Lithuania and was able to get a bonus victory with a beautiful stop hit. His second bout against Ukraine saw him on the losing end and he ended the bonus round with one victory. Elgeziry was unable to get a bonus round victory, losing to Ukraine in his first match after Ukraine attacked and got the touch before Elgeziry could block.

Anderson was first up for Team USA in the riding event. The horse he drew was a big jumper, clearing each jump by a lot. But the horse had a difficult time with consistency, sometimes jumping long or sometimes jumping short. Anderson did a great job controlling this, but finished the course with four knockdowns and a total score of 272.

Elgeziry saw his horse get four knockdowns and one refusal in the first round. It was his turn to ride and Elgeziry got his horse around the course without the refusal but still had four knockdowns. He ended the riding event with a score of 272. Before the start of the combined event, Elgeziry was in 1st place and Anderson was in 17th place.

Elgeziry got off to a good start, shooting 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and 12 seconds for his first three series. Unfortunately, his last series was a bad one, taking 32 seconds to finish the series. A lot of competitors passed him during that shoot and he just couldn’t hang with anyone during he last lap of running. He finished the competition in 27th place.

Anderson was very consistent throughout his laser-run. He shot a total of 42 seconds, which was just a second off slower than what he did in the semi-final. He legs were a little tired because he had to work so hard in the semi-final to make the final. But he still ran a great race, going 11:34 for the event. He was able to move up a couple of places and finished his first ever Senior World Championships Final in 14th place.

            This was a great competition for Team USA. It saw a lot of athletes gain experience at the Senior level and saw some breakthroughs. Starting next summer, the Olympic Qualification journey is going to be an exciting one for Team USA.