Women's World Championship Final Recap

By Dennis Bowsher | Sept. 13, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)

Mexico City, Mexico - Day 6 saw the conclusion of the Women’s Final. Achterberg started the day in 36th place after her performance in Day 5’s round robin fencing event. The 200-meter swim was up first for Achterberg and she finished the race in a time of 2:25.51, a couple of seconds off what she did in the semi-final. She started the race a little slow and didn’t finish as fast as she did in the semi-final. Still an ok time for her third day competing at these World Championships. The bonus round saw Achterberg get some amazing touches. First up was a match against Turkey and with less than two seconds remaining, Achterberg made a beautiful fleche to score and get the bonus victory. Up next was Germany and again, with less than two seconds remaining, scored an amazing foot touch for her second bonus victory. Her third match was Italy, who was able to score the touch on Achterberg, ending her run at 2 bonus victories. In the riding event,

Samantha drew a horse that was strong, but a good jumper. She looked great in warmup and was ready to conquer this World Championship Final riding course. Unfortunately, because of rain the day before, the horse slipped in a wet spot after jump number four and went down. Achterberg was able to walk away unharmed, but when the horse got up, it was limping a little. The UIPM judges look out for the safety of the horses and based on seeing the horse limping, decided to not allow the horse to continue. This left Achterberg with a score of zero for the riding event. It was bad luck, because the Achterberg was going clean through the first four jumps and looked like she could have gotten around the full course with no mistakes.

With a zero in the riding event, that put Achterberg in 36th place to start the laser-run. Achterberg‘s time of 12:52 was five seconds faster than she did in the semi-final and her total time in shooting was 51 seconds. Her shooting time was just a couple of seconds off her average and a couple of seconds slower than what she did in the semi-final. Her running looked smooth as she closed the gap on 35th place but fell just short, finishing in 36th place, five seconds away from 35th. Not the final placing that she would have wanted, but Achterberg was happy to have competed in the final of these World Championships and looks forward to many more future finals.

Amro Elgeziry and Brendan Anderson started their competition final today with the round robin fencing event. Just like in the semi-final, both got off to a great start. Elgeziry started 6v/1d and Anderson started 5v/2d. The continued to roll over the competition, both ending up in top ten of the fencing event. Elgeziry finished the day with 23v/12d and is in a tie for 3rd place. Anderson finished with 20v/15d, placing him in a tie for 7th place. Elgeziry is no stranger to being near the top after fencing, but what an amazing performance by Anderson in his first ever Senior World Championship Final. Elgeziry and Anderson look to carry this momentum into tomorrow where they finish the men’s final. Be sure to check the USAP website for details on how to watch the livestream. Good luck Team USA!!