Mens Semi-Final ElGeziry and Anderson Qualify for Final

By Dennis Bowsher | Sept. 11, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)
Mexico City, Mexico - Day 4 saw the women compete and on Day 5, it was the men’s turn. Team USA fielded a full 4-person team; Amro Elgeziry, Seamus Millet, Brendan Anderson, and Sam Ruddock.

             Seamus Millet, out of Colorado, was the lone USA representative in Group A. This is Millet’s first time representing Team USA at a Senior World Championships. He gained some good experience in the Mix Relay on Day 3 and looked to compete well in the individual competition. He started with the fencing event, ending up with 10 victories and 16 defeats. Millet had some good touches but fell into a losing streak in the middle and was unable to make up the difference in the back half. Next up was the 200-meter swim and he finished with a time of 2:16.05. He went out a little hard at the 100 and couldn’t to maintain his pace on the second 100. It is still a good time for the young athlete at these World Championships. Millet started the laser-run in 22nd place. He shot a total of 70 seconds for his 4 series and ended with a total time of 12:19. He was able to pick off a couple of competitors and cross the line in a final placing of 20th place. At just 19 years old, this was a good result at his first Senior World Championships…first of many.

            Group B had Sam Ruddock, out of New York, competing in just his second Senior World Championships. Ruddock started the day with the swimming event. He was swimming great up until the last 50 where the altitude kicked in and fell off the pace by a couple of seconds. He still finished with a good time of 2:05.34 which placed him 8th in his group for that event. Next up was the fencing event. Ruddock got off to a slow start losing his first 4 touches, but he was able to maintain a 50% victory rate for the rest of the event and end up with 11v/15d. He had some great touches, including a victory over the #8 ranked guy in the world and the 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist.  The laser-run was a little difficult for Ruddock as he unfortunately cramped up in his legs after the 2nd loop of running.  His third shoot suffered because of the cramping on the 2nd loop, but had good 1st, 2nd, and 4th series going 21s, 14s, 16s. Starting the laser-run in 21st place, Ruddock fell back a couple of paces into 25th place. Ruddock lives in New York City and going from sea level to over 7,000 feet affected him in the cardio events, but he looked great in his skill events. Overall this is a good performance for an athlete relatively new to the World Championships competitions.

            All the action from the day was in Group A. Team USA had two athletes, Amro Elgeziry and Brendan Anderson. The swimming event saw Elgeziry swim the fastest time of the group, going a 1:57.12. Anderson swam a very consistent race, swimming a time of 2:05.11 which put him in 10th place for the swimming event. The fencing event saw both Elgeziry and Anderson start off with a winning streak, Anderson starting 7v/0d and Elgeziry going 6v/1d. Anderson had a couple of stretches where he lost a few in row but ended up with an overall finish of 13v/14d. Elgeziry looked consistent as he finished with 18v/9d which was a tie for 1st place in the event. In the laser-run, Elgeziry started in 1st place and since he was in the last group of the semi-finals, he knew what time he needed to go to qualify for the final. He did just that, going 12:16 and crossing the line in 11th place. The top 10 in each group automatically qualify for the final with 6 wild card spots up for grabs from all the groups. Elgeziry knew what he needed to do and secured the 1st wild card spot without putting too much effort into the race. Having an easier race is going to allow him to have fresh legs for the fencing and laser-run events in the final. Anderson had the 4th fastest laser-run time in his group and the 9th fastest time of all competitors across all three groups. He finished in 15th place in his group. Because of his strong combined, Anderson moved himself into the 5th wild card spot and qualified for his first Senior World Championship Final. The men’s final starts with the round robin fencing event on Day 6 and the rest of the final taking place on Day 7.

           Day 5 also saw the start of the Women’s Final with the round robin fencing event taking place. Achterberg, with her amazing laser-run, put herself into this final where she is looking for a good result to end this competition. The round robin fencing was a little off from what she did in the semi-final, finishing the event with 9v/26d. But Day 6 is the rest of the Women’s Final and it also includes Achterberg’s strongest events, riding and laser-run. She looks to move up the rankings and have a good finish to her first ever Senior World Championship Final. Be sure to check the USAP website for details on how to watch the live stream of Achterberg representing Team USA.