UIPM World Championship Mixed Relay

Sept. 09, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)

Mexico City, Mexico -   Day 3 of the 2018 World Championships saw the Mixed Relay team event. Colorado natives, Seamus Millet and Naomi Ross, teamed up to compete against the best in the world. The day started with the fencing event and saw Naomi go on a hot streak. After starting 1v/4d, she went on to win the rest of her bouts and finished 11v/4d. Seamus was very consistent throughout finishing with 7v/8d. The team finished the fencing event in 3rdplace with 18v/12d, a great finish against a lot of experienced teams. They came narrowly close to getting a bonus victory, losing to Kazakhstan in the bonus round.

The swimming event saw them finish in a time of 2: 07.74. Ross lead off with a 1:08.06 100 split, a full 2 seconds faster than what she did on Friday, and Millet anchored with a :59.68 100 split. Both were happy with their times as they look apply the same speed in the individual event. 

The horses here in Mexico are strong and require a lot of skill to handle. Both Ross and Millet looked great as they got around the course with 3 knockdowns and 0 time penalties for a total score of 279. The started the combined in 10th place with some strong teams around them. They shot a few seconds slower than they normally do but had a good combined event to finish the competition in 13th place.

A superb overall finish against strong veteran teams from around the world. This is a very young team, Ross and Millet are both 19yr old, and you can expect some big things from them in the years to come. The relays are over and next up is the individual competition of these World Championships. Ross, along with Samantha Achterberg and Jessica Davis, take on the rest of the world tomorrow in the first semi-final of the competition. Good Luck to Team USA.