By Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas | May 01, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)
Los Angeles, CA - The 2018 UIPM World Cup 2 was held in Southern California for the second year in a row. Thirty countries and several Olympic medalists competed at this event, including Olympic Champion Lesun (Russia), medalists Timoshchenko (Ukraine), Marosi (Hungary), Clouvel (France), Murray (Great Britain), and many other elite level athletes. As a host country, Team USA was represented by 24 athletes – 12 women and 12 men. Our team was selected based on the ranking list after three Qualifiers in December and January. These athletes qualified and competed for Team USA at the World Cup 2.


Samantha Achterberg, Emily Bourdeau, Erin Coscia, Jessica Davis, Veronika Diedrichs, Isabella Isaksen, Cheryl Hughes, Zoe LaMonte, Avery Niemann, Erica Oake, Naomi Ross, and Lorenza Savini


Caleb Allen, Brendan Anderson, Amro Elgeziry, Tyler Evans, Seamus Millett, Isaac Neivert, Noah Rescate, Sam Ruddock, Henry Shugart, Josh Spegman, Shun Yao, and Nathaniel Zachar

Team photo


Competing at the World Cup 2 was great experience for younger and more experienced US athletes. Our athletes had many personal best results during this competition. Below is short recap of Team USA results.




US athletes proved again that swimming is one of their strengths. Noah Rescate broke 2:00 for the first time with 1:59.75. He won swimming event in group C. Amro Elgeziry won swimming in group B with 1:59.14. Avery Niemann won swimming event in group B with 2:10.34. Many other US athletes had fast races, including lifetime bests: Jessica Davis, Zoe LaMonte, Erica Oake, Veronika Diedrichs, Nathaniel Zachar, Shun Yao, Isaac Neivert, and others.



International pentathletes from Europe and Asia are very good fencers. Some of them are Fencing National Champions in their countries. Our young and more experienced athletes showed that they can fence and win against strong international field. The best fencer on our women’s team was Naomi, who won 21 bouts and finished 3rd in fencing. Other great fencing results from US women: Isabella (18 victories), Emily (15 victories), Jessica (15 victories), Lorenza (14 victories), Avery (12 victories), Veronika (10 victories).


The best fencer on our men’s team Amro won 19 bouts. Here are athletes who won 10 or more bouts: Brendan (14 victories), Sam (13 victories), Seamus (13 victories), Noah (12 victories), Isaac (12 victories), Josh (11 victories).


Laser Run

Samantha had the best laser run ever due to significantly improved running and consistent shooting. She won laser run event in 12:17, which is 20 sec faster than the second place finisher Ilke Ozyuksel, a very strong runner/shooter from Turkey. Other US girls also competed well: Isabella 13:02, Jessica 13:57, Erica 14:01, Lorenza 14:14, Emily 14:25 and others. Brendan had the fastest time of 11:40 in this event among US athletes. Other US athletes who competed well in laser run: Tyler 12:01, Josh 12:13, Amro 12:21 and others. It must be noted that some US athletes who qualified for the final didn’t need to run all-out.

Our most experienced athletes Isabella, Samantha and Amro qualified for finals.




Swimming was the first event in the final. Isabella swam very fast. She finished 200 freestyle in 2:21.92. That’s about 1 sec slower than her lifetime best. Samantha’s swimming time was 2:24.36, which is about 0.6 sec slower than in the semifinal. In fencing competition, Isabella won almost 50% of bouts. With 17 victories, she finished in 18th place. Samantha finished with 10 victories.

The next event was riding. Both our girls rode without any mistake. Samantha had maximum score of 300 points and Isabella had two seconds penalty finishing with 298 points.

In the laser run, Samantha proved again that she is the fastest runner/shooter right now. Her time of 12:18 was the best among all athletes. Isabella finished in 13:19. Overall Samantha and Isabella finished in respectful 16th and 22nd places.


Amro competed for team USA. This was his first competition representing the United States. Swimming is one of the strongest events for Amro. He swam again under 2:00 and finished in 2nd place with 1:59.38. Amro fenced better in the final than in the semifinal. With 21 victories, he was in 6th place in fencing. Two small mistakes in riding resulted in 286 points. In the laser run, Amro had a strong run and good shooting. With time of 11:39, he finished in 9th place overall.


It was great to see young athletes competing well at the World Cup 2. For most of them, it was the first international competition. We are very proud of their results. US athletes showed that they have bright future in pentathlon.

Our most experienced athletes Samantha, Isabella, and Amro had strong competition. It was their first international event in the last one or even two years. Despite such a long break, all three top athletes not only qualified for the final, but also finished high on the ranking list. Our athletes showed strong results in all events.

All fencing bouts for US athletes were videotaped during the finals. Click on the links below to watch these bouts and to learn more about fencing technique for world’s best pentathletes:

We are very thankful to our coaches, staff, event directors, judges, and our Board members for the great event. Many people worked hard behind the scenes to make this event one the bests World Cups.