Amro ElGeziry Wins U.S. National Championship

June 24, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)

San Antonio, TX - U.S. Army SPC Amro ElGeziry won the men's individual event at the 2018 Open U.S. National Championship with 1,473 pentathlon points. Amro had an outstanding day as he won the fencing and had a perfect score in the riding event. He was second in swimming, only .13 seconds behind UIPM Swimming World record holder Logan Storie who finished fourth over-all. Amro finished the day strong with a close second in the laser run event. The silver medal went to Seamus Millett with 1,429 as he won the laser run and was second in fencing. Brendan Anderson claimed the bronze medal with 1,409 points. To view the complete results, click here.