Updates on Recruiting Program

Feb. 03, 2018, 12 a.m. (ET)

There have been some developments in recruitment program since its launching it last year. These developments are in both level of program – Level I targeting younger athletes and Level II targeting elite level athletes.

Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas met or communicated with head coaches from several large swim clubs in the country to discuss Laser Run events. Involving swim teams in Laser Run events is important part of the USA Pentathlon recruitment program. The first meeting was with Pete Morgan, the Head Coach of Nations Capital, which is the largest swim club in US. We discussed how to include swimmers in Laser Run events. Coach Morgan suggested Laser Run as part of swimming team building activity in 2018. They also consider to bid for Laser Run World City or/and American City Tour. USA Pentathlon would support this event providing laser pistols, targets and staff.

We also had similar discussions and meetings with other large swim teams in the country, such as Berkeley New Jersey Swim Team (coach Jim Wood), Pittsburgh Public Schools (coach Mark Rauterkus), Skyy Swim Team in NJ (coach Chris LaBianco), Terrapins Swim Team in Concord, CA (coach Ray Mitchell) etc. All teams are interested to run Laser Run events as part of their training and team building activity.

Our representatives met dozen of swimming head coaches at the annual American Swim Coaches Conference in Washington D.C. Some high school swim teams in the country have access to other pentathlon events as part athletic program. We are in the process of including these schools in our Level I recruitment program.

Level II recruitment program is targeting elite level athletes from other sports that have potential for pentathlon. Recently, we invited two recruits to the Olympic Training Center to participate at the pentathlon Qualifier and learn more about pentathlon. Claire Green and her brother Isaac Green are collegiate runners with strong background in high school swimming and a few other sports. Claire’s best times in running 9:05 over 3K and in swimming 2:06 over 200 yards. Isaac’s best times in running 4:05 over 1 mile and 1:56 over 200 yards. Both athletes have been introduced to pentathlon and participated in swimming and/or Laser Run events during their stay at the OTC. It is noteworthy to mention that Claire won women’s Laser Run event at the Qualifier in December with time of 15:16. That time was achieved with timing out for all four shootings (50 sec at each shooting). Both Isaac and Claire spent time with coach Omar Elgeziry and Dr. G learning some basics in fencing and shooting. They also received recommendations how to continue training pentathlon being in college. See photos of Claire and Isaac during their camp at the OTC.