By Coach G | Dec. 01, 2017, 12 a.m. (ET)

Colorado Springs, CO - We have established two levels of recruiting for Pentathlon.  Level I is focused on younger athletes who have potential for Pentathlon.  Level I recruits typically attend regional events and Olympic Development Camps in Colorado Springs.  Normally, they learn about the sport at a younger age (12-16 yrs.) and compete primarily in Youth divisions before joining the Junior/Senior training program. The top goal for Youth is to earn places on the Youth Olympic Team and Youth World Championships.

The elite Junior/Senior level athlete recruitment program is the Level II program, which focuses on athletes who are in college and have fast swimming and running times and/or have talent for other Pentathlon events.  These athletes are identified thru many initiatives and are channeled to the elite-development level program in Colorado Springs with the ultimate goal of progressing thru domestic and B level events to competing at the international senior competitions, such as World Cups, World Championships, Pan American and Olympics.

USA Pentathlon has named a designated Development director (Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas) to oversee the implementation of this program.

Level I Recruiting Program

Level I recruitment program starts with introduction to pentathlon using variety of ways. This Level targets younger athletes (12-16 y.o.) who have potential for Pentathlon through regional competitions, Laser Run events, Biathle/Triathle events, Obstacle Racing events, Pony Club, American Camping Association, Pentathlon Experience, new and existing Pentathlon Clubs, running-swimming-fencing websites, and etc. The main focus of this group is Youth and Junior Nationals, Youth and Junior World Championships, Youth Olympic Games. We anticipate to touch thousands of young athletes through Level 1 program. The program will provide help with training in Pentathlon, consulting coaches, coaches clinics, and training camps in various regions of the country. The most talented athletes from this program may move to the Level II or Elite Level Training Group.

Options for training depending on location include the local and regional clubs, localized individual training (we help to identify local coaches who can help in each discipline) attending USAP Development camps and online coaching and mentoring.

This type of training continues thru all levels of youth participation until an athlete is ready to progress to the Junior/Senior level and consider making a serious commitment to the sport.

Level II Recruitment Program – Junior/Senior and Elite Level Recruitment Overview

The USAP Level II Elite Recruitment Program is an ongoing process with regular promotions of Modern Pentathlon. In Level II, USA Pentathlon is looking for high school and collegiate runners with a swimming background and swimmers with a running background.  Recent point system changes gave more advantage for runners who can swim 2:05-2:15 (men) or 2:15-2:25 (women). However, having a swimming background is still important for elite level recruits. It is very hard to improve swimming at age 16+ and reach above mentioned times with little or no swimming background, whereas running can still be developed at later ages.

At Level II, in addition to the runners/swimmers we will also recruit other athletes (particularly fencers) as well, if they have the potential and interest to reach the elite level of performance in Pentathlon.  The recruitment plan includes advertising Modern Pentathlon through social media platforms (websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), running/swimming/fencing magazines, as well as attending the various National Championships, to identify potential elite level athletes, direct them locally and then bringing them to the OTC for exposure and training in Colorado Springs and selecting and nurturing the best athletes for elite training.

Training Level II athletes who have been identified thru the initial introductory phase will begin with direction to local and regional mentors and events. Much like Level I, options for training depend on location and include the local and regional clubs, localized individual training (we help to identify local coaches who can help in each discipline) attending USAP Development camps and online coaching and mentoring. These athletes will create a pipeline which directly feeds our elite program. When ready, outstanding individuals will be invited to join our Elite Recruitment Program at the OTC and may choose to join the US Army’s elite World Class Athlete Program.

USAP will request an allocation of beds which can be used for recruiting purposes for athletes we consider “blue-chip” recruits and worthy of this resource.  We suggest having up to 8 elite recruits training at the OTC fulltime for 6 months. Elite recruits would receive full support (housing, meals, and training) to focus just on training in Pentathlon.  Their performances and progress will be evaluated every 3 months based on individual benchmarks.  Elite level recruits must achieve rigorous benchmarks before being invited to the OTC for review (see below).

Benchmarks for Elite Level II Recruits


Swim Time

(200 m)

Run Time

(2 miles)

Pentathlon Score in Swim and Run

Experience in Other Sports



895 points

2:15 or faster

280 points


11:45 or faster

595 points


875 points or higher




Other sports (combat sports, games, gymnastics, etc)

+50-100 points



990 points

2:05 or faster

300 points


10:30 or faster

670 points


970 points or higher




Other sports (combat sports, games, gymnastics, etc)

+50-100 points


In order to be invited for a training camp at the OTC, women have to score a total of 925 points and men a total of 1020 points in the swimming+running+experience matrix. Adjustments are made based on age for younger recruits (30 points for every year).

Athletes can stay in this program up to two years as long as they accomplish individual benchmarks. At the end of the two year training, elite level recruits are expected to reach top-10 in the world and move to the Elite Training Group.