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Sister Act in Belarus

June 15, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

Minsk, Belarus - Margaux Isaksen, ranked #1 in the 2015 World Cup Series leading into the World Cup Final last weekend in Minsk, Belarus, didn't anticipate the footsteps behind her would be those of her younger sister Isabella, as Team USA, represented by the Isaksens and Samantha Achterberg of Littleton, Colorado, finished the World Cup season.

The Isaksen duo, already well known in the sport, had their first glimpse of what it might look like to have the sister act move to the big time, that of putting both siblings on the same international podium, in individual competition.

It was a "perfect storm" that was created when Marguax Isaksen, the elder of the two, performed below her expectations and Isabella, the younger sibling, competed above hers, that saw Margaux ultimately finish 6th and Isabella, 9th at the World Cup Final in Minsk, Belarus. The Lithuanian 2012 Olympic Champion, Laura Asaudaskite, won the gold with Tocchi and Foldhazi of Italy and Hungary respectively taking the silver and bronze.

Having both Isaksens in the top ten finishers of perhaps the most prestigious annual event in the sport is the first step towards seeing the duo on the podium of the world championships and Olympic Games. 

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