West Coast Pentathlon 2013 Regional Competition

March 29, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

What a weekend!   We hosted a combined US Pony Club Tetrathlon Competition as well as a Regional US Pentathlon Competition.  Lots of excitement, great scores and smiling faces. Fencing was held at Marin Fencing Academy with WCP’s coach Carmel Felix as director.  For the swimming venue we were at Rolling Hills with WCP's coach Lou Rigney as director. Coach Michael Cintas was our riding Director and he had double duty with all the Pony Club tetrathlon members ( who are future pentathletes ) . Mike Duffy was the combined director- shooting just keeps getting better.

It was a pleasure to have all the familes, including grand parents and friends who were   present for the entire weekend. USA Pentathlon A's and Junior's set a great example for everyone, especially with our new members to the sport.   

To view or download the competition results, please click here.