Paul Pesthy Memorial Pentathlon Meet Results

March 25, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Organizers and competitors from left (John Moreau, Monet Moreau, DJ Corbett, Choon Lai, Conner Hays, Kristina Troyanski, Alexandra Murray, Gus Bates, Joshua Vences, Julia Boucher, Sean Moreau, Max Boucher) 


The inaugural Paul Pesthy Memorial Pentathlon Meet was held in San Marcos, Texas, Saturday March 23, 2013.  9 athletes took part in all the events.  Held in conjunction with the Yorick Fencing Tournament, we were able to utilize grounded metallic strips to facilitate the fencing event and attract local fencers to compete as well.  As expected nationally ranked fencer Kristina Troyanski won the event with 28 victories for 1024 pentathlon points.  Local baseball standout Gus Bates was a pleasant surprise winning second place with 27 victories for 1000 pentathlon points.


1st Heat Swim (Gus Bates, DJ Corbett, Kristina Troyanski, Conner Hays, Julia Boucher)


2nd Heat Swim from left (Monet Moreau, Joshua Vences, Choon Lai, Alexandra Murray) 

The women dominated the swimming event with Nebraska’s Alexandra Murray finishing in an adjusted time of 2:28.51, followed by Monet Moreau in 2:32.76.  Local swim team members Josh Vences and Choon Lai followed closely in 2:33.83 and 2:34.40, respectively.


1st Combined Relay from left (Conner Hays, Kristina Troyanski, Monet Moreau

2nd Combined Relay from left (DJ Corbett, Alexandra Murray)

3rd Combined Relay from left (Choon Lai, Joshua Vences)

4th Combined Relay from left (Gus Bates, Sean Moreau, Julia Boucher) 


Gus Bates again surprised everyone by powering through the combined event in 14:29.  Although he timed out in subsequent series, his first series was completed in less than 15 seconds.  Noteworthy also is the fact that Gus had never practiced shooting before the event.

DJ Corbett during the ride 


DJ Corbett was the only individual who elected to ride and scored 1008 pentathlon points in the event.

Computing the results from left (Dann Baker, John Moreau, Lewis J. Smith (Pentathlete from late 60’s)


First place Junior female - DJ Corbett

First place Youth A female - Kristina Troyanski

First place Youth C female - Julia Boucher

Awards Ceremony 1st Place Youth A female Kristina Troyanski awarded by Olympian John Moreau 


First place Junior male - Joshua Vences

First place Youth A male – Gus Bates


Thanks go to all the parents and local volunteers who helped make our first attempt at a pentathlon competition a success.  We plan to hold more area competitions and clinics in the future to help supply the OTC with potential Olympians.


To view the results of the competition, please click here.