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Army Specialist Dennis Bowsher Qualifies for Chengdu World Cup Final

April 18, 2013, 6 a.m. (ET)


Competing in the third Pentathlon World Cup in Chengdu, China, Army Specialist Dennis Bowsher, Colorado Springs, CO., qualified for the final with a tremendous finsih in the combined event.

Dennis started the competition with strong fencing, winning 21 bouts good for 804 points and 15th place. After losing ground slightly in the swim, Dennis came roaring back with the third fastest combined, 2:15.93, 2260 points. This gave him a total score of 4320 for a 10th place tie in his semi-final (Qualification Group B). Dennis will be competing in the final on Saturday.

Eli Bremmer, Colorado Springs, CO., competing in qualification group A finished with 4144 points. Scoring sheets for the top finishers are below.

Qualification Group A Results


Qualification Group B Results

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