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Online Membership

Dec. 10, 2009, 10:34 a.m. (ET)

We are now up and running with our online membership through Railstation.  You can see the link on the main page of our website.  This link will bring you to the main membership page where you can complete your membership registration.  If you are a current member, you can always access and update your personal information at any time.  The system will assign you a membership number once you complete the registration process.  You can print out your membership card whenever you need it.  We are extremely pleased with our relationship with Railstation and hope that you enjoy this service we are able to provide you.  If you have any comments that would improve the system, we would be happy to have your feedback as we are constantly updating the system. 

If you would prefer to send in a hardcopy membership form, that option is still available.  On our website under resources, you will find a link to print out the membership form.  Once you send it in with your check or credit card information, we will manually enter it into Railstation.  You will have access to your information online from that point forward.