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Olympian Margaux Isaksen Wins Gold at the 2008 Youth World Championships for Modern Pentathlon

Sept. 24, 2008, 10:42 a.m. (ET)

COLORADOSPRINGS, Colo.- Less than one month since competing on sports grandest stage at the Olympic Games, 16-year-old Margaux Isaksen (Fayetteville, Ark./Colorado Springs, Colo.) recorded the top performance of her career, winning the gold medal at the 2008 Youth A World Championships in Albena, Bulgaria.  Coming off her 21st place performance at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Isaksen's performance today puts the world on notice that she is on the road to the 2012 Olympic Games and that she will be a contender when she gets there.

Isaksen easily outdistanced the field of the international girls aged 18 years and under with a total score of 4,532 modern pentathlon points.  Her closest competitor was Sarolta Kovacs of Hungary with 4,496 points.  Only four disciplines are competed in Youth World Championships, shooting, fencing, swimming and running (riding is not contested).

Isaksen is the first U.S. modern pentathlete ever to win a Youth World Championship title.

Anna Olesinski, Emily Andrews, and Micah Brown also represented the U.S. finishing 30th, 50th and 51st respectively.

As a team, the U.S. finished eighth with 11,392 combined points.

Individual event scores for Team USA are listed below:

2008 Youth A World Championships - Albena, Bulgaria

Girl's Final

Margaux Isaksen - Gold Medal - 4,532 points
Shoot - 174 (1,024 points)
Fence - 35V and 15D (1,000 points)
Swim - 2:16.08 (1,288 points)
Run - 10:25.90 (1,220 points)

Anna Olesinski - 30th Place - 3,836 points
Shoot - 161 (868 points)
Fence - 17V and 33D (712 points)
Swim - 2:29.20 (1,132 points)
Run - 10:49.50 (1,124 points)

Emily Andrews - 50th Place - 3,172 points
Shoot - 164 (904 points)
Fence - 19V and 31D (744 points)
Swim - 2:49.29 (892 points)
Run - 12:52.60 (632 points)

Micah Brown - 51st Place - 3,024 points
Shoot - 159 (844 points)
Fence - 26V and 24D (856 points)
Swim - 2:43.99 (956 points)
Run - 13:58.10 (368 points)


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