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Uihlein Foundation continues support for USA Luge

June 12, 2015, 11:06 a.m. (ET)

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – The Henry Uihlein II and Mildred A. Uihlein Foundation in Lake Placid continued its support of USA Luge recently with a contribution of $8,700.

The national governing body, based in Lake Placid, will use the funds to continue advancing its technological programs, specifically in sled design. 

“The donation by the Uihlein Foundation is much needed as we continue to gain ground on our international competition,” said USA Luge CEO Jim Leahy. “The European teams are raising the bar on sled technology and aerodynamics. Support from the Uihlein Foundation helps us fight that fight.”

Support for the program has paid off in recent years with Erin Hamlin’s 2014 Olympic bronze medal and last season’s team performance that saw USA Luge accrue 13 World Cup medals, the most since the 1996-97 campaign. 

Last fall, the Uihlein Foundation made a generous contribution to USA Luge to help build the team's pods (seats). USA Luge, in turn, hired Placid Boatworks to help build the pods, made of fiberglass and composite materials.

The Uihlein Foundation also made a contribution to USA Luge in support of their trip to Southern California last year, where they tested materials at the San Diego Wind Tunnel and underwent digital scanning at Scaled Composites. 

Builders of Virgin Galactic Spaceships One and Two, Scaled Composites will turn those scans into models to be used for virtual aerodynamic simulations and other studies. 

The team’s evolving technical program is in development year-round, leading to the athletes return to outdoor ice in the fall.

In the photo from the left: Uihlein Foundation trustee John D. Leekley Jr., USA Luge CEO Jim Leahy, Uihlein Foundation trustee Ellie Wotherspoon, USA Luge Marketing Director Gordy Sheer, Uihlein Foundation trustee James McKenna, and Placid Boatworks owner Joe Moore

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