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First start facility runs

Dec. 18, 2019, 11:03 a.m. (ET)

The upgraded USA Luge Start Facility in Lake Placid, NY saw its first test on Tuesday, December 18 when three Olympians took sleds down the refrigerated indoor ramps. USA Luge sport program director Mark Grimmette, a five-time Olympian and winner of two Olympic medals, 2014 Olympian Aidan Kelly and three-time Olympian and USA Luge Marketing Director/1998 silver medalist Gordy Sheer pulled off the four different sets of start handles. The test was a success, opening the door for the first set of screening camp athletes to take the ice on December 19.

The facility features two parallel ramps which allow athletes to train four different ramp decent angles. For the inaugural run, Grimmette started from the highest ramp, with Sheer at the other side of the building on the other ramp. After a countdown from 3, the two sleds descended the 270 foot ramps. Kelly was next up, testing all four ramps.

Here's video from the afternoon of successful tests.