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Feb. 11, 2014, 11:39 a.m. (ET)


The Hamlin family, Terdiman family and Griffall family stake their claim for prime seating in the outrun in advance of the first day of women's competition on February 10

Sled work being done during the men's race at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Kate Hansen of the United States takes a turn during the women's singles luge training at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

Erin Hamlin and USA Luge Head Coach Miro Zayonc review video following Fe. 8 training

Kate Hansen pass through the media mixed zone after training on Feb. 8

Summer Britcher chats with reporters after training on Feb. 8

USA Luge coaches Matt Oakes, Mark Grimmette and Klim Gatker (l to r) in the outrun area on Feb. 8..

Christian Niccum, top, and Jayson Terdiman from the US take a turn during a training session for the men's doubles luge at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Above: Tucker West during the first day of training

Feb. 11 doubles results

Feb. 10 doubles results 

Feb. 9 doubles results

Feb. 9 women's results

Feb. 8 women's results

Feb. 7 Men's results

Feb.6 Women's results

Feb. 6 Men's results

Feb. 5 Men's results

Above: Aidan Kelly in the outrun during training for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games


Erin Hamlin Feb. 9

Erin Hamlin, Feb. 8

Kate Hansen, Feb. 8

Summer Britcher, Feb. 8

Matt Mortensen, February 8

Jayson Terdiman, February 8

Chris Mazdzer, Feb. 6

Aidan Kelly, Feb. 6

Tucker West, Feb. 6

Above: Sunset over the Olympic Village, see in the lower right o the photo

Tidbits from the final doubles training session on Feb. 11:
  • The cloudy and warm weather continues, along with high humidity at the 8:30 AM session
  • Overall, things were a bit less frantic than previous sessions, with less visible emotion from many athletes. No equipment changes were noticed
  • It was a long night and an early morning for the coaches, with the women's event finishing late, an early training session and another day of racing for the women today
  • After the session ended, Christian Niccum and Jayson Terdiman chatted with members of the press in the 'mixed zone', where athletes and press intermingle, for about 30 minutes

Tidbits from  doubles training session on Feb. 10:
  • Once again, cloudy skies greated the doubles teams for their 3 PM training session, with warrmer temps and higher humidity relative to previous sessions
  • The German team of Wendl/Arlt continue to set the pace, while teammates Eggert/Benecken had a better day and seemed more comfortable with their sled
  • The American duo of Niccum/Terdiman showed considerable speed on their second run before encountering issues in curve 14
  • The Romanian doubles team had a bridge leg weld break. A repair was attemped but the pair will not start. Unfortunately, this take the Romanians out of the team relay as well
  • The Italian duo of Oberstolz/Gruber swapped runners between heats
  • All sleds went through tech inspection post-training
  • Matt Mortensen and Preston Griffall shot a piece for Olympic Broadcast Services after their sled passed tech inspection

Tidbits from  doubles and womens training session on Feb. 9:
  • The track was significantly faster today, with personal bests set by a considerable number of sliders
  • In general, curve 5 remains a challenge, but today's added speed seems to have made curve 11 more of an issue
  • It's cloudy today for the first time since training and racing began
  • With the track in such good shape, a lot of athletes appear to be struggling to find grip on the very smooth ice
  • Erin Hamlin wore old training booties today, while the German women were in full race gear on the second and final training run, with no tape on their sleds
  • The German athletes, outside of Geisenberger and Wendl/Arlt, seem to be struggling to find speed

Tidbits from the womens training session on Feb. 8:
  • The crux of track for the women seems to be curve 5 and to a  lesser degree, curve 11
  • Erin Hamlin has been trying different lines to get through curve 5 clean, without contacting any walls
  • The German women were wearing race booties today, but had the front end of their sleds taped significantly
  • Tatiana Huefner seemed to be very concerned and spent time with her coaches adjusting her sled between and after runs

Tidbits from the doubles training session on Feb. 8:
  • Today's session was taken from a lowered starting point, as it was the doubles team's first day on ice
  • The doubles teams seemed happy with the track conditions for their first runs on the track
  • Jayson Terdiman reported that the sled ran very well during training earlier in the week in Igls, Austria. The duo were very close to two-time Olympic gold medalists Linger/Linger in terms of time
  • The German team of Eggert/Benecken were making what appeared to be significant adjustments to their sled between runs
  • The kufens of Mortensen/Griffall are solid black. Niccum/Terdiman are running the red/white/blue design with black horns
  • Terdiman said he was excited to move up the track and pull starts during the next training session, as it had been four days since he and Niccum had done a start