5 Callaghan, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Length = Men's: 1374 meters, (4,508 feet) Curves: 16
Length = Women's: 1193 meters, (3,914 feet) Curves: 14


"Despite its history and reputation, I feel Whistler is one of the most exhilarating and fun tracks ever built. It is fast and technical, which is why many athletes love this sport. The top is steep and technical; there is no room for error or even a chance to take a quick mental break. The only pause comes in the middle of the course, where there is a crooked straightaway that you must carefully negotiate, like threading a needle. After that, hold on and be ready to test your mental capabilities as you rocket through the bottom of the track at speeds in excess of 90mph while pulling 4 G's. During the Olympics, there were thousands of spectators, but I was so focused I did not see a single person until I finished the run. Talk about intense and exciting!"
- Chris Mazder


Men: Felix Loch (Germany) - 2/1/13 - 48.133
Women: Natalie Geisenberger (Germany) - 2/2/13 - 36.688
Doubles: Wendl/Arlt (Germany) - 2/1/13 - 36.347
Team Relay: Geisenberger, Loch, Wendl/Arlt (Germany) - 12/7/13 - 2:03.791