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TrueSport®, a movement powered by the experience and values of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, champions the positive values and life lessons learned through youth sport. TrueSport inspires athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators to change the culture of youth sport through active engagement and thoughtful curriculum based on cornerstone lessons of sportsmanship, character-building, and clean and healthy performance, while also creating leaders across communities through sport. 


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Featured Articles:


June 2020:


Athlete Huddle on Track

Comparison v. Competition: How to 

Develop Positive Body Image on Teams


Woman with hand on hips

Why Do Some Athletes Struggle With

Body Image


Fruit and Cracker Snack Board

All Day Events: Top 6 Foods to Avoid

When in Charge of the Team's Snacks


May 2020:


Assorted Vegetables

How Athletes Can Make the Most Out of

a Plant-Based Diet


Athletes on Field

5 Strategies to Help Your Athlete Manage

Performance and Social Anxiety


Football Field

Reducing Anxiety to Make Game Day as

Good as Practice 


April 2020:


Father and daughter washing hands

Communicating about COVID-19: How to

Keep Kids Calm and Accountable


Man holding basketball

6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Athlete

Resolve a Coach-Athlete Conflict


Coach and Athletes Huddle

3 Coaching Strategies to Manage Ongoing



Assorted Vegetables

Nutritional Serving Sizes: What you Need

to Know


March 2020:


Person riding bike

Keeping Kids Active and Healthy During 



Track Image

3 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs Healthy



Water Pouring Image

Pre-Workout Fueling


Granola Bars on Serving Dish

Post-Workout Fueling


February 2020:


Athletes Running Silhouetted

5 Things to Avoid When Cultivating Grit


Box of Tissues, Ceramic Mug, Glasses

How to Boost Your Athletes Immunity This

Flu Season 


Athletes in Huddle

How to Persevere as a Team


January 2020:


Empty Notebook next to laptop and pen

5 Facts You Need to Know About 

Corticosteroids v. Anabolic Steroids


Picture of Salad

7 Easy Vegetarian Meals for Your Athlete


Woman with head in hands.

Should I Be Worried About My Kid Doping?


December 2019:


To Do List

How to Create Strong Habits to Help 

Your Athlete Achieve Goals


People running marathon

Pivoting for the Goal: How to Help Athletes

Through Mid-Season Adjustments


Soccer players laying on field

Role Modeling for Young Athletes:

What Not to Do


August 2019:


TrueSport - Parent Self Care Tips

5 Practical Self-Care Tips for Youth Athletes


True Sport - Coach Mental Wellness

How to Talk About Mental Wellness With Your Athletes


TrueSport - Trending One Kid Isn't Winning

How to Celebrate Wins, When One Kid Isn't Winning


July 2019:


True Sport

Strengthen Your Athletes Decision Making


Having Confidence in Tough Situations

Help Athletes Be Confident In Tough Situations


June 2019:


Coaches Hydration Plan

5 Reasons Why Your Athletes Need

a Hydration Plan


Athletes Who Don't Like Water

How to Hydrate Your Athlete If

They Don't Like Water


Multi-Sport Camps

7 Reasons to Invest in a Multi-Sport



May 2019:


Paper Airplane Graphic

How to Help Athletes Navigate

Between Sport Seasons


Take a Lap Image

Take a Lap: Alternatives to Exercise

as Punishment in Youth Sports


Youth Sports Image

How Youth Sports Can Lead to a 

Better Job Later in Life


April 2019:


Vaping Image

What you Need to Know About

E-Cigarettes and Vaping


Track Image

Clean and Healthy Competition:

Why it Matters


Supplment Image

4 Myths Parents Need to Know About


March 2019:

Child Swimming Image

Summer Nutrition Tips for Youth and Teen Athletes

Athlete leaning over bench image

Sport Performance Anxiety in Youth Sports

Carrots Image

Tips for Fueling Vegetarian Teen Athletes

February 2019:

"You got this"

Grit: How to Get Back Up After Failure

Referee Pointing

Bad Call: The Best Ways for Coaches and Parents to Respond to Bad Calls

Athletes with arms around one another

Setting the Stage: 5 Pre-Game Activities to Boost Sportsmanship

January 2019:

Girls at table

How to Teach Accountability in a Positive Way

Team huddle

How to Get Back in the Game with a Stronger

Image of coach looking at field

The Importance of Accountable Sports Parents Team Mindset