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North American Training Camp hosted by USA

By USA-NKF Staff | Jan. 23, 2023, 11:34 a.m. (ET)

The first North American Training Camp was hosted by USA Karate this past weekend. The training camp between Canada, Mexico, and USA was held January 20-22, 2023 at the Southfork Sports Complex in Parker, Texas.

Athletes and coaches from the three neighboring countries trained together with the goal of advancing the level of karate in North America. The camp was also attended by the President of FEMEKA (Mexico) Ms. Samantha Desciderio and USA Karate Chairwoman, Elisa Au.

Athletes at the first North American training camp in Dallas, Texas

US Coaches at the first North American training camp in Dallas, Texas

North American Training Camp hosted by USA    North American Training Camp hosted by USA

At the conclusion of the weekend-long camp, the President of the Pan American Karate Federation, Mr Jose Garcia Maañon, addressed the participants via zoom. Mr Maañon expressed his satisfaction in seeing the North American countries organizing the joint event and expressed his wishes for a triumphant 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile later this year. The participants in the camp will likely face each other this spring at the North American Cup, a key qualifier for the Games in November.

US Coaches speaking at the first North American training camp in Dallas, Texas

USA Karate Chair of the Board, Elisa Au said, “These opportunities for our USA athletes to train with international athletes are an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge. Our athletes will improve with every international experience, whether it is hosted here in the USA or abroad. What we were able to do this weekend was bring the international training to our home turf, which is a real benefit to our athletes. Constant exposure to high-level training with elite athletes are what our athletes need to succeed.”

Samantha Desciderio and Elisa Au also discussed plans for the North American Federation. Along with their colleague and President of Karate Canada, Craig Vokey, the trio plan to collaborate through the North American Federation with plans to hold future training and competition opportunities for their junior and senior athletes in the spirit of improving skill and world results across the continent.

North American Training Camp hosted by USA

The next scheduled USA National Training will be held February 3-5 in Miami, Florida.