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USA Karate Celebrates Olympic and Paralympic Day

By Ashley Dressig | June 23, 2020, 10:23 a.m. (ET)

Olympic and Paralympic Day


Today, June 23rd USA Karate is joining in with the rest of the world to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic Day, a day all about being active and living the Olympic values.  


Olympic Day was established in 1948 to commemorated the birth of the modern Olympic Games. It serves as a time to unite behind the Olympic Movement, and as a celebration of the journey of chasing the Olympic Dream.


Modern Olympic and Paralympic Day has developed into various sport, cultural, and educational activities that aim to include everybody - regardless of age, gender, social background, or sporting ability, to allow anyone and everyone to become a part of today's celebrations. Though we are facing an unprecedented time where coming together is not as easy, USA Karate encourages everyone to find ways to join in.


There are three pillars make up Olympic and Paralympic Day: Move, Learn, and Discover, and USA Karate has provided some suggestions for how to put these pillars into action to help inspire your Olympic and Paralympic Day activities while social distancing.


Move. While at home, it can be really easy to be less active. Go on a walk with your family, take a bike ride, or even do a couple of laps on the stairs.  


Learn. Take the time today to learn something new: Learn about COVID-19 prevention, environmental protection, or become an Olympic and Paralympic Day expert. (


Discover. Practice a new technique, try a new sport or activity, find out what other NGBs are doing to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic Day.


Olympic Day Para Team Photo

Beyond these three pillars, there are three Olympic values that are an integral part of today’s celebrations: Excellence, Friendship, and Respect. Every day we should strive to celebrate these values, but today especially we should take time to reflect on what these mean and how we utilize them in our everyday lives.


Excellence. Excellence is about doing the best we can both on and off of the tatami. It’s not about winning, but rather about the attitude that we bring and the progress that we make along the way. How can you exude excellence after losing a match?


Friendship. In joining karate, we also join a community of individuals who share the same passion that we do. Take the time to think about all the friends you’ve already made on your karate journey and how they’ve impacted your life.


Respect. Respect is not only fundamental to karate but Olympic Day as well. It is important to respect ourselves, one another, and the sport that we are playing. In what ways is respect cultivated in the dojo? What about at home? 


Olympic Day - Team Photo 2018


As part of Olympic and Paralympic  Day, we want to not only celebrate the Olympic values but our entire community and how they embody them. Over the past few months, we have faced many challenges that continue to impede our daily lives. Despite these challenges, we have seen our members embrace a new reality in many ways.


With the introduction of Zoom classes, at-home workouts, and the determination to stay connected and stay motivated, we have seen these pillars and core values echo throughout our membership. In the past couple of weeks, we have shared videos that highlight the positive steps our members are taking to thrive while social distancing. We hope you to take the time to view some of these to inspire and motivate you to keep pushing and continue training. 


· We Are USA Karate Video

· Athlete Workout Videos

· Athlete Katas: Para-Karate


We encourage all of our members to participate in and reflect on Olympic and Paralympic Day. Share on social media how you’re celebrating by tagging USA Karate and using the hashtag #OlympicParalympicDay.


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