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Club Spotlight - Miladi Karate Academy

By Miladi Karate Academy | July 24, 2020, 11:32 a.m. (ET)

Miladi Karate Academy


As USA Karate continues to share all of the new and creative ways our dojos are handling COVID-19, we have more clubs reaching out to share their experiences with our members. This week, Miladi Karate Academy share how their student-instructor relationships, Zoom classes, and their student instructors have aided their success. 


Miladi Karate Academy is located in Yuba City, California and has been serving the Yuba-Sutter community since 1990. The Miladi Group was created to help people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.


It's state-of-the-art facility, top-notch instructors, and comfortable family atmosphere work together to create a learning environment marked with excellence. Their mission extends beyond teaching the sport of Karate. They also instill the concepts of courtesy, self-control and respect for others. It is their purpose to assist each student in achieving excellence in Karate. 


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How has your dojo been successful over the past few months?


At the beginning of quarantine,  launched Zoom classes. Thanks to virtual learning, we were able to easily transition over and keep our doors “open.” We plan to continue to offer virtual learning even as we offer in-person classes again, because the health & safety of our students is our highest priority.


Our top-notch instructors have established relationships with our students that enables us to stay connected to them even while we are away from the dojo. Social media is a key in continuing to encourage our students that you are here for them and remain consistent during uncertain times. 


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Athlete Spotlight


Arjun AtwalInstructor of our beginner, advanced & intermediate classes - his commitment to the dojo and his students has been unwavering during this time.


Arun Atwal: He is the instructor of our beginner, novice & adult classes and has been willing to jump in and help students & parents connect to our virtual learning platform so they are able to continue attending our classes. 


Priya Atwal: Helps instruct our novice, advanced & intermediate classes and has been multitasking by helping our front desk to ensure our doors were able to stay open. 


Melinda Borja: Melinda has been an instructor for almost 30 years at Miladi Karate and helped navigate our team and business during this pandemic. Her ability to remain calm under pressure has been a godsend. 


We are grateful for the teamwork of our wonderful staff and how everyone pulled together during this time to overcome challenges and continue the standard of excellence that we offer at our dojo. 



Miladi Karate Academy

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