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Club Spotlight - IMA Karate

July 16, 2020, 8 a.m. (ET)


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USA Karate reached out to some of our clubs to see how they’ve approached virtual learning as a supplement to in-house karate training. While many clubs, like IMA Karate, were able to open their doors and allow a percentage of students return the dojo, online virtual learning has remained a constant since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic. Today, IMA Karate shares how the use of social media, Zoom classes, and karate challenges has helped maintain a sense of community and normalcy. 


The International MartialArts Association (IMA) was established in 1992 in Louisville, Colorado. According to their website, the goal of IMA Karate is to “create an organization that would not only teach the principles and techniques of Shotokan Karate but also to create an environment where both individuals and families could grow and learn together”. 


How has your dojo utilized virtual learning?


Virtual training definitely had its learning curve for everyone. It took some time to really understand how to maximize learning potential through a screen. Nonetheless, we began “Zoom” training at the very beginning of quarantine. This allowed for us to maintain our usual classes and activities, the only significant change being the mode of instruction. We used our online platform for classes, private lessons, and even belt testing! This experience has and continues to open up many options for future events, and allows another level of service to make sure we can accommodate all circumstances for our students.


We have used the online platform for various activities, even social ones! We made sure to keep our students “together” by maintaining training and offering social times for our different classes. This was to supply various quarantine activities, and keep social interaction within our IMA family! We also created different challenges and activities through social media to keep our students engaged and training at home.


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Athlete Spotlight


Parth Kansara:Parth has taught many classes both in person and online, and his commitment to the dojo and our community is second to none.


Kelara Madani:First of the Madani siblings, Kelara helps teach many of our classes and contributes to teaching and coaching many of our competition athletes.


Joy Heirlemier:Behind the owners, Joy is at the dojo the most. She teaches all of the classes at the dojo, and her helps our young students the most.


Kamran Madani:Kamran is also a full-time instructor. His main contribution came through our social media presence and coming up with different challenges for our students.


Deborah KF:Deb is one of our senior instructors and was a major in setting up our online service.


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Thank you to IMA Karate for sharing!

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