2017 Junior PKF Championships

By Christina Patton | Nov. 14, 2017, 7:05 p.m. (ET)

2017 PKF Junior Pan American Championships

The 2017 PKF Junior Pan American Championships, hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offered three days of elite competition August 24-26, 2017.  Team USA brought an astounding 94 Junior athletes, aged 12-20, to compete among the other 25 Countries represented. It was an amazing few days of intense competition and Team USA did exceptionally well with 33 athletes placing!

Individual Male and Female Kata kicked off the first day of competition with the U14, Cadet, Junior and U21 divisions.

U14 Kata Female and Male did well with two females and one male placing!

Teammates Mikela Ancheta and Joelle Inciong both breezed through their first three matches before competing for gold in a final match against each other. They finished with two outstanding katas bringing home both a gold (Inciong) and silver (Ancheta) medals! John-Michael Rivera breezed by Brazil 4-1 and Canada 5-0 but fell to Colombia 3-2 to place third in Male Kata.

In the Cadet division, Kaitlyn Shimohara breezed past Costa Rica (5-0), Brazil (5-0) and Canada (5-0), making it to the gold medal match against Zoe Meszaro of Team USA, winning gold in Cadet Kata Female! Zoe Meszaro started strong winning her first three rounds, placing second in the gold medal match bringing home silver for Cadet Kata Female. Male Cadet Kata athlete Kevin Stevens finished with a bronze medal.

Junior athlete Rey Chinen had a really strong day defeating Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic to take home the Gold in Junior Male Kata!

Jennifer Robinson, U21 Kata Female, defeated Chile 5-0, breezed by Mexico and Venezuela 4-1, and fell to Peru 5-1 in the final match bringing home silver!

Congrats to all individual kata athletes!

Cadet Kumite had a great showing with four females and four males medaling in their weight divisions!

Madilyn Jennings had a strong start in Cadet Female Kumite -47kg with a win over Colombia, but fell to Canada in a close match 1-0 taking home bronze. Victoria Tatarynova competed in the -54kg division breezing through her first matches before falling to Mexico in the Gold medal match, placing second in the division overall bringing home silver. Alexandra Wainwright also competed in the -54kg division taking home bronze. Magdalena Zucek, 54+kg, had a strong start by breezing by Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Mexico before defeating Colombia in the finals bringing home gold for Team USA!

Athletes Riley Smith (-57kg), Noel Hernandez (-63kg), Christian Moncada (-70kg) and Braden Ivey (70+kg) all had excellent matches with each bringing home a third place finish and a bronze medal for Team USA!  

Our Junior Kumite athletes competed very well six athletes total placing in the finals!

Taylor Chung defeated Brazil 4-2 and Argentina 4-3 in a close match in Junior Kumite female  -53kg. She went on to beat Uruguay 4-0 and fall to Chile 5-0 taking second place. Sabrina Martinez had a rough start falling to Canada 4-0 but came back to beat Brazil 3-0 in Repechage. She then defeated Mexico 2-0 to place third in -59kg.

RJ Domingo competed in -61kg and started off the event beating Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia, but lost to Mexico 2-1 in the finals taking home silver for Team USA. Saisheren Senpon defeated Argentina 2-0 and Brazil 0-0 in Hantei. He then went on to beat Bolivia 1-0 and the Dominican Republic 3-0 to take home gold in -68kg. Ivan Fernandez also competed in  -68kg and breezed by Argentina 8-0 in the first round and took on Bolivia 3-0 in the second. He went on to beat Peru 4-3 and fell to the Dominican Republic 6-0 taking third place. Jared Smith had a rough start in -76kg losing to Argentina but came back in Repechage to place third overall!

U14 Kumite had a great showing in this year’s Pan American Games with three female and four male athletes making it to the podium!

Stephanie Hillyer placed third in +45kg by defeating Argentina 6-0 but falling to Brazil 4-0. Victoria Princi excelled in -40kg with a bye in the first round and then beating Ecuador 1-0 in a close match. She then defeated Argentina 3-0 and breezed by Brazil 7-1 to take home the gold. Joelle Inciong (-45kg) had a strong performance beating Brazil 5-0, Chile 4-2, Mexico 2-0 before falling to Chile 5-1 to place second overall in the finals.  

Matthew Hillyer had a strong start defeating Argentina 4-0 and Bonaire 5-0, but fell to Canada 5-5 placing third in +50kg. Lester Diaz also competed in the +50kg division and began with a win over the Dominican Republic 4-0 and over Ecuador 2-0. He then lost to Mexico 2-0 placing him third. Matthew Cihlar competed in -45kg alongside teammate Riky Garcia. The two breezed through their first matches to make it to the gold medal final bringing home gold for Garcia and silver for Cihlar!

U21 Male and Female Kumite finish out the competition on the final day. They did well with two females placing in -55kg and -61kg and two males in -84kg and 84+kg. Great work from all U21 Kumite athletes.

Ellora Jaggi took home the bronze in -55kg with a tough first round winning 0-0 in Hantei. She then beat Canada and fell to Chile in a close match. Sabrina Hostettler breezed by Ecuador 4-0, beat Colombia 3-2 in a close match, defeated Brazil 3-0 and then fell to Chile 3-0 placing her second in -61kg.

Max Segal (-84kg) made it to the gold medal match against Veneuzla and brought home a silver medal placing second overall. Erick Lamelas had a great competition beating Brazil 4-2, defeating Mexico 8-0 and finally beating Canada 0-0 in a close match in Hantei placing first in 84+kg.

Thank you to all our coaches for their hard work training and working with our athletes before, during, and after the Pan American Competition. Our athletes made us proud and we are already looking forward to next year!