Senior PKF Championships Wrap Up

May 30, 2017, 5:55 p.m. (ET)
Team USA came to Curacao for the XXXI Pan American Karate Championships with a purpose. With significant improvement over the 2016 SR PKF where Team USA earned 1 gold, 4 bronze and a 5th place. The 2017 results had 3 gold, 1 silver, 7 bronze and four 5th Place finishes. This outstanding performance put Team USA in 4th place overall, up from 7th last year.  An amazing outing by the entire US Delegation with 21 officials, 5 coaches, an Athletic Trainer, a Doctor and a team leader all supporting our athletes. Every single athlete stayed in their match to the very end. 

Our referees had the opportunity to learn and work with WKF Referee Commission Chairman, Mr. Javier Escalante, and represented the United States with great pride. Congratulations to the our newest PKF officials Lorri Meske, Suresh Manuel Raman and Gilvan Gavin!  

Our leadership position in the PKF remains strong with our President Mr. John DiPasquale being reelected to the 1st Vice President position in the PKF Executive Committee, Mr. Cleve Baxter was named Chairman of the PKF Referee Commission, Mr. Tokey Hill was reinstated to the Technical Commission and Mr. Jeff Kohn was reinstated to the Para-Karate Commission along with Mrs. Fariba Madani. It is extremely important for the United States to hold positions of leadership to keep the PKF strong and have a voice for North America within the PKF.

Results from the XXXI Sr Pan American Championship:

Gold Medalists:
Sakura Kokumai – Female Kata
Ashley Davis – Female -68 kg
Sabahudin Tricic – Para-Karate Visually Impaired/Blind

Silver Medalists:
Ryan Rogers – Para-Karate Intellectually Impaired

Bronze Medalists:
Tom Scott - Male –75 kg
Brian Irr – Male +84 kg
Eimi Kurita – Female -68 kg
Kamran Madani - Male –84 kg
Shannon Nishi-Patton - Female –50 kg
Kevin Kucbor – Para-Karate Intellectually Impaired
Women’s Kumite Team  (Shannon Nishi, Maya Wasowicz, Ashley Davis, Brandi Robinson)

Finishing in 5th  in incredibly close matches:
Maya Wasowicz – Female +68 kg
Cirrus Lingl – Female +68 kg
Sabrina Hostetler - Female –61kg
Jenna Brown by senshu - Female –55kg
Men’s Kumite Team (Tom Scott, Brian Irr, Kamran Madani, Brian Ramrup, Kuba Wasowicz) 

2017 Senior PKF Team:
Female Kata – Sakura Kokumai
Female Kata – Jessica Kwong
Female –50 kg – Shannon Nishi–Patton
Female –50 kg – Giselle Kaneda
Female –55 kg – Brandi Robinson 
Female –55 kg – Jenna Brown
Female –61 kg – Joane Orbon
Female –61 kg – Sabrina Hostettler
Female –68 kg – Ashley Davis
Female –68 kg – Eimi Kurita
Female +68 kg – Maya Wasowicz
Female +68 kg – Cirrus Lingl
Male Kata – Joseph Martinez
Male Kata – Ariel Torres
Male –60 kg – Danny Cabello
Male –60 kg – Alex jinesta
Male –67 kg – Brain Ramrup
Male –67 kg – Manny Tavares
Male –75 kg – Tom Scott
Male –75 kg – Tyler Yamazaki
Male –84 kg – Kamran Madani
Male –84 kg – Euzebiusz Wasowicz
Male +84 kg – David Muhammad
Male +84 kg – Brian Irr
Para-Karate Visually Impaired/Blind – Sabahudin Tricic
Para-Karate Intellectually Impaired – Ryan Rogers
Para-Karate Intellectually Impaired – Kevin Kucbor

Head Coach - Tommy Hood
Head Coach - Para-Karate Jeff Kohn
Coach - Akira Fukuda
Coach - Christina Muccini-Finegan
Coach - Dustin Baldis
Coach - Barbara Maile Chinen
Team Leader – Brody Burns
Trainer – Jay Williams
Doctor – Dr. Stephanie Bailey  

2017 Senior PKF Officials:
Cedric Barksdale
Cleve Baxter
Jesus Costa
Luis Briceno
Jose Diaz
Jay Farrell
Dale Gatchalian
Gilvan Gentil
Ramon Hiraldo
Ray Hughes
Fariba Madani
Enrique Mares
Diane Martin
Michael McKenzie
Lorri Meske
Alex Miladi
Mike Mustoe
Bill Plapinger
Carlos Quintero
Suresh Manuel Raman
Robert Utsey