USA Karate Features Brandi Robinson

Brandi Robinson

March 10, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

               BRANDI ROBINSON


Name Brandi Robinson
Bran Bran
Twitter Name
Current Hometown *
Honolulu Hawaii
Height/ Weight
Family (only child, brothers/sisters, ect) *
Only child
What age did you start karate?
What style of karate do you do? *
What's your favorite food? *
What type of music do you listen to? *
Rap, hip hop and R&B
What is your favorite music group or artist? *
Do you listen to music before you go it the ring? If so, what kind? *
Yes, I usually listen to rap music before I get in the ring
Do you have any pets? What kind? *
No pets
What is your pets name?
Do you have any hidden talents?*
How many hours a week do you workout in preparation for a major tournament?
12 hours
How many times have you made the Junior US Team and in what event? *
I did not compete as a junior.
How many times have you made the Senior US Team and in what events? *
I have made the US team 3 times. The first time I made the team was in 2012 in the -50kg division. The next two times making team were in 2013 at nationals in S.C. and at team trials this year in the -55KG division.
Who is your favorite superhero?
Who is your hero in real life? Why? *
My hero in real life is my mother, she is the epitome of a strong woman. Without her there would be no me.
Track and field and shoe shopping
Favorite Quote *
Can't stop, won't stop
Biggest Win. Why? *
My biggest win has not happened yet. Coming soon!
What do you love about competition? *
I love the the feeling of adrenaline I get right before I get into the ring. I also enjoy the traveling and getting to experience what life is like In different countries.
Favorite way to relax? *
My favorite ways to relax are going to the movies, shopping, or laying on the beach.
Advice for the youth athletes in karate? *
My advice to young athletes In karate is to form good training habits at a young age and also to never give up on any goals/dreams that they may have for themselves.
Where do you get your inspiration from? *
My inspiration comes from my main training partner, Eimi Kurita. Her determination and strong spirit in practice and at competitions inspires me to want to compete and achieve the goals I have set for myself. I also get my inspiration from my coach Shannon Nishi. She Is an amazing person and athlete who accomplished so much while she was competing for the US. I strive to follow in her footsteps as an athlete and In everyday life as well.