USA Karate Features Brian Irr

Brian Irr

June 30, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

                  BRIAN IRR

Amherst, NY
Current Hometown *
Newfane, NY
Height/ Weight
6' 4" 190 lbs
Family (only child, brothers/sisters, ect) *
Mom, Dad, and 2 Brothers
What age did you start karate?
What style of karate do you do? *
What's your favorite food? *
Thanksgiving dinner.
What type of music do you listen to? *
A little bit of anything depending on the situation.
What is your favorite music group or artist? *
I don't really have a favorite.
Do you listen to music before you go it the ring? If so, what kind? *
Not usually.
Do you have any pets? What kind? *
No, but if I did I would want a big dog.
What is your pets name?
Do you have any hidden talents?*
I'm a little rusty now, but I can beat the original Super Mario Bros. game for Nintendo in under 6.5 minutes.
How many hours a week do you workout in preparation for a major tournament?
How many times have you made the Junior US Team and in what event? *
5 if I recall correctly. All for kumite in various weight classes. I can't remember them all specifically.
How many times have you made the Senior US Team and in what events? *
I've made the Senior Team Pool for several years winning 2nd or 3rd at Nationals. This was my first year winning 1st seat as a Senior.
Who is your favorite superhero?
Gambit from X-Men. Skilled with a bo as well as with exploding playing cards. Gotta love 'em.
Who is your hero in real life? Why? *
God. He's always looking out for me and no matter how many times I mess up, He's always willing to forgive me.
Lots of stuff... video games, board games, geocaching, reading, TV shows, movies, rock climbing, paintball... to name a few.
Favorite Quote *
"Live and learn"
Biggest Win. Why? *
My first Jr. Team Trial gold medal win. It gave me the affirmation that I needed to know that I could really accomplish something big with this whole karate thing.
What do you love about competition? *
It is always changing. Every opponent is different. Even if you fight the same opponent again, the next match will be different every time. I love the challenge of testing my athleticism, skills, and strategies against others at such a high calibre.
Favorite way to relax? *
Advice for the youth athletes in karate? *
Putting in the time isn't good enough if you are just going through the motions. You need to make the most of time you spend in training by staying mentally focused the entire time to fix mistakes and bad habits. Perseverance is key. Think of every struggle as a learning experience that will ultimately make you better. Learn from your mistakes so you can avoid making them again in the future.
Where do you get your inspiration from? *
Knowing that I am able to serve the God of the universe and honor Him in every aspect of my life by using the abilities that He has blessed me with to bring glory to His name.

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