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Referee Program Strong

Aug. 05, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

USA Karate wants to thank the Referee and Judges who worked tirelessly at our recent USA National Karate Championships & US Team Trials in Greenville, SC.  Without them, we would not be able to continue to run the excellent events that we are known for.  A special thanks to Mr. Miladi, Mr. Baxter, Mrs. Madani, Mr. Tanaka, and Mr. Quintero for their excellent work on the USA Karate Referee Committee.  Great leadership leads to a great team and we have both!

The letter below was sent to USA Karate Referees following the National Championships from USA Karate Chief Referee and Referee Committee Chairman Mr. Alex Miladi. 

Dear Fellow Referees,


I hope this finds you all well and having an enjoyable summer. I have just returned from the 2013 Nationals & Team Trials in Greenville, SC which was one of the most successful nationals in recent years. The cohesiveness and camaraderie among the referees, coaches and support staff was apparent throughout theses championships.


We had one of the smoothest events in terms of organization and operation due to the fantastic performance of the officials and interaction with the coaches. The level of officiating improved and there were no major injuries to report which reflects the hard work of the Referee Committee. Some of the senior/international referees, by direction of the Referee Committee and working as Tatami Manager (ring controller), did a wonderful job mentoring other referees in their assigned rings during these championships.


I want to thank those of you who took time out of your busy schedules for all your hard work during the 4 days of the championships. I am humbled by your unselfishness and generosity. Your attendance at signature tournaments, such as this, and the respect shown by you to each other and those in authority is a testament to your deep understanding of karate-do. Thank you also to our hard working Referee Committee, Sensei Tanaka, Sensei Baxter, Sensei Madani and Sensei Quintero, that stood on the forefront of the referee corps leading the way.


I’m proud to be a member of our referee corps and remember, none of us is better than all of us together.



Alex Miladi