Anchorage Dojo Shiai Results

Jan. 19, 2019 1:08 p.m. (ET)

On January 19th, Anchorage Dojo hosted the Anchorage Dojo Shiai in Anchorage, Alaska. Competitors ranged from 7-64 years of age.

Below outline the results from the tournament. Congratulations to all the medalist. 

U7 – Co-Ed – Light Weight:
Gold      Oscar Scordino, ANC
Silver     Grayson Sulley, ANC

U9 – Co-Ed – Light Weight:
Gold      Zoe Stauffer, GLMA
Silver     Rod Harvey, ANC

U9 – Girls – Light Weight:
Gold      Kara Dumlao, ANC
Silver     Tatum Thomas, MAT
Bronze  Muriah Dompier, MAT

U11 – Boys – Light Weight:
Gold      Jodin Nilsson, EXC
Silver     Connor Gold, EXC
Bronze  Rian Michael, MAT

U11 – Boys – Medium Weight:
Gold      Justice Reddish, LEG
Silver     Dallas Sulley, ANC
Bronze  Oliver Dolchok, ANC

U11- Boys – Heavy Weight:
Gold      River Fairbanks, STE
Silver     Anthony Crider, MAT
Bronze  Duke Sullivan, EXC

U11 – Girls – Light Weight:
Gold      Maari Active, ANC
Silver     Miracle Hand, EXC
Bronze  Destiny Hand, EXC

U11 – Girls – Medium Weight:
Gold      Mia Martin, GLMA
Silver     Jaysi Dompier, MAT

U13 – Boys – Medium Weight:
Gold      Elijah Lee, STE
Silver     Chares Fairbanks, STE
Bronze  Masen Kent, EXC

U11/U15 – Girls – Light Weight Mix:
Gold      Maari Active, ANC
Silver     Destiny Hand, EXC
Bronze  Alisha Michael, MAT

U13/U15 – Boys – Light Weight Mix:
Gold      Olijah Armstrong, ANC
Silver     DeShawn Barbee, ANC
Bronze  Jace Cummings, ANC

U13 Boys Heavy Weight/U15 Medium Weight Mix:
Gold      Elijah Lee, STE
Silver     Archer LeTourneau, EXC
Bronze  Fletcher LeTourneau, EXC

Master Women – Medium Weight:
Gold      Andrea Kent, EXC
Silver     Andrea Webb, MAT
Bronze  Archer LeTourneau, EXC

Master Men – Heavy Weight:
Gold      Cliff Dolchok, ANC
Silver     Jeremy Roberts, ANC
Bronze  Connor Green, MAT