Veteran World Championships

Oct. 17 - 20, 2018

Veteran World Championships Medals

Over 1,000 veteran judoka have made the trip to Cancun to compete in the sport's premier competition for judoka aged 30 and above.

Day one featured the oldest men's categories as the M6, M7, M8, M9, M10 age groups were in action.

Pan American nations led the way with Brazil leading the way, USA in second and Germany in third place.

Additionally, U.S. judoka Mr. Andor Jobb, the oldest athlete and a revered painter, was recognized for his years of service to judo.

Mr. Andor Jobb recognized by the IJFMr. Andor Jobb recognized at Veterans World Championships

Day #1 Results:

Gold      Paul Robert Bova (M7 -66kg)

Gold      Nikolai Styrov (M8 -73kg)


Silver     James Bacon (M6 +100kg)

Silver     Dave Loyst (M7 -81kg)

Silver     Gary Foster (M8 -81kg)

Silver     Arthur Canario (M8 -100kg)


Bronze  Douglas Tono (M6 -66kg)

Bronze  Paul Virtue (M6 -90kg)

Bronze  Andre Robles (M6 -100kg)

Bronze  Arthur Scotto (M6 +100kg)

Bronze  Sandy North (M7 -66kg)

Bronze  Vadim Evenback (M7 -66kg)

Bronze Andy Boulet (M8 -81kg)

Bronze  Steve Hwang (M10 -81kg)


5th           Frederico Torres (M6 -60kg)

5th           Wayne Dickinson (M6 -81kg)

5th           Istvan Lovas (M6 -81kg)

5th           Christopher VanLandingham (M6 -100kg)

5th           James Carmer (M7 -81kg)

5th           Lorenzo Schipp (M7 -90kg)

5th           Walter Sapp (M8 -73kg)

5th           James Kinder (M9 -81kg)


7th           Abel Fernandez (M6 -73kg)

7th           Gino Lombardi (M6 -90kg)

7th           Edgardo Rodriguez (M6 -100kg)

7th           George Stein (M8 -81kg)

7th           Humberto Valdivia (M9 -66kg)




The IJF Veteran World Championships featured the M1 (age 30-34) and M3 (40-44) age groups on the second day of competition at the Iberostar Cancún.

Day #2 Results:

Silver     Peter Fortune (M3 -100kg)


Bronze  Ernest Ojito (M1 -60kg)

Bronze  Adam Moyerman (M1 -73kg)

Bronze  Christopher Laurent Cecere (M1 -100kg)

Bronze  Gregory Allen Prior (M1 +100kg)

Bronze  Carlos Sordo (M3 -66kg)

Bronze  Hector Negron (M3 +100kg)


5th           Julian Levy (M1 -66kg)

5th           Andrew Charles Tate (M1 -100kg)


7th           Serge Delacruz (M1 -90kg)

7th           Michael Ferrer (M3 -66kg)




The IJF Veteran World Championships featured the M4 (age 45-49) and M5 (50-54) age groups on day three of competition.

Day #3 Results:

Bronze  Roger Mazzella (M4 -90kg)


5th           Gyula Kalman (M4 -81kg)

5th           Alexandre Lopouchanski (M5 -100kg)

5th           Ivan Mumm (M5 +100kg)


7th           Gary Robertson (M4 -100kg)

7th           Titus Selagea (M5 -81kg)




The 10th IJF Veteran World Championships concluded on Saturday in Cancun, Mexico, with the M2 (men aged 35 – 39) age group and all of the women’s divisions at the Iberostar Cancun.

Day #4 Results:

Gold      Margarita Cabrera (F5 -70kg)


Silver     Ann Berends (F2 +78kg)

Silver     Jessica Lockfeld (F6 -70kg)


Bronze  Anna Feygina (F1 -70kg)

Bronze  Tracy Crawford (F2 +78kg)

Bronze  Sandra Hauptmann (F3 -70kg)

Bronze  Carol Boulet (F7 -63kg)


7th           Luis Soto (M2 -90kg)