USA Judo Policy on Tatami Mat & Safety Zone Dimensions for Event Competition Areas

(Revised 7/16/18)

As the national governing body for the sport of judo in the United States, USA judo is responsible for the safety of judoka and creating and abiding by rules that protect the safety of competitors to the extent possible.

USA Judo also provides standards, rules and regulations that provide structure for the administration of judo throughout the United States that are reasonable for athletes, clubs, coaches, event organizers, members, parents and referees.   One such regulation is the required dimensions for competition areas and the safety zone between tatami mats as outlined below.

All USA Judo Sanctioned Events Except Point Events, National Championships, and Events with International Participants (see below for more information)

Allowed for categories ages 15 and up:  competition area must be 8 x 8 meters minimum.

Allowed for categories ages 14 and below:  competition area can be 7 x 7 meters minimum.

A 3-meter safety zone for all categories between tatami mats and outside perimeter is required *.

* This is a change from recent years when the required safety zone between mats was 4-meters.

All USA Judo Sanctioned Point Events and Nationals Championships

All categories:  competition area must be 8 x 8 meters minimum.

The safety zone between tatami mats for all categories at USA Judo Point Events must be a minimum of 3-meters (4-meters preferred) and 3-meters on the outside perimeter.  USA Judo National Championships must have a 4-meter safety zone between tatami mats.

Events with International Athlete Participation/International Federation Participation

Competition dimensions and the safety zone between tatami mats for USA Judo Sanctioned Events with international participations will be determined through discussion with event organizers and USA Judo during the sanctioning process.

Pan American Judo Confederation & International Judo Federation rules will apply for PJC & IJF Sanctioned Events.